View Full Version : The Match Game : Winning Styles For Both of You

Jun 5, '07, 8:50 AM
http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/match1.jpg (http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/match1.jpg) Nothing like waterproof outfits with great "hip huggin' flares for the beach" but wait there's more!

http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/match2.jpg (http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/match2.jpg)

The His and Her Zip-aways allow you to change in a flash revealing:

http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/match3.jpg (http://www.plaidstallions.com/images/match3.jpg) That's so you can reveal "Bold Bikinis for both of you" Be a show off with sleek and comfortable Antron Nylon.

Wasn't Antron a bad guy in the Micronauts (http://www.megomuseum.com/micronauts/micronauts.html)?
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Jun 5, '07, 2:19 PM
It looks like both are actually naked and they just added the bathing suits. Kind of like an early form of Photoshop.