View Full Version : How to remove marker from face and head?

Oct 7, '18, 9:05 PM
Does anyone out there know how to remove marker coloring from my Dagon? Back in 1981 I was a fan of the A-Team show well, I liked Mr. T so much that I got my Dagon figure and painted his head like Mr. T with a blue marker Of course ruining him which is stupid knowing how much the figures worth now. I just found him in my garage 4-days ago along with a bunch of other goodies. Please let me know what I can do here is a picture of him:

Oct 15, '18, 11:59 PM
After 37 years, probably nothing.

Oct 16, '18, 5:59 AM
I use rubbing alcohol to remove marker, but like Lonnie said, it's been 37 years, so it probably won't work but it wouldn't hurt to try,

Oct 16, '18, 9:44 AM
Yeah you guys are probably right! it's ruined

Oct 16, '18, 10:08 AM
Well I think he looks beautiful. I'd be tickled three shades of pink if I found his blackened self out in the wild!

Dec 10, '18, 4:36 AM
From toddler skin u use sunscreen and a baby wipe. I wonder if the tire wet and plastic would draw the color out...I would use blue plastidip here...its not like it would make it worse honestly...

Dec 10, '18, 8:21 PM
IMO, I'd be color-matching and airbrushing over that one

Jan 11, '19, 7:31 PM
I just used a product called Remove-zit stain remover to remove sharpie from a head and it worked amazingly. It's made specifically for that purpose.

Mar 10, '19, 12:53 AM
Acne cream with a high amount of benzo-peroxide .... Wrap in plastic wrap... Place in sun.... It worked on a gi Joe head I had... You may need to do it a few times... I don't know how it will effect colored plastic though...