View Full Version : Next wave,shopping online or retail?

Aug 22, '18, 7:44 PM
With the question of availability with the first wave, many people including me went the online route. Now that we've seen that product is readily available at target are you going to do online shopping or retail this time around? If the Romulan Commander is in the next wave I'll most likely order him asap online because he's a must have, but whatever others, the thrill is in the hunt, so retail..

Mego Newbie14
Aug 22, '18, 7:49 PM
Retail. Finding them on the pegs is to much fun and you can pick the best one hanging there to buy.

Aug 22, '18, 7:52 PM
Probably a mix of both like i did with the first wave. I might order a couple of must haves online and then browse the rest to see what I might want to pick up after seeing it.


Aug 22, '18, 9:43 PM
I'm definitely in for a Romulan Commander, if I can actually find him in the stores, my local Target is not carrying the new mego's, I'll have to search around at other Target locations not so close to me, just because I rather pick and choose in
person instead of taking a chance ordering online.

Aug 22, '18, 10:49 PM
Definitely retail, just like the first wave, for me. It is fun to compare which one to get in-person based upon paint application, clothing, etc. I purchased my 14" General Zod that way; Target had 4, so I compared and purchased the one with the "thickest" red turtleneck that I thought look best...

Now that seemingly most Targets have the Mego figures, I think wave 2 will roll out much more smoothly in about 6 weeks or so (just a guess).

Aug 23, '18, 12:57 AM
retail ,no question about it, i bought all my mego 2018 at retail ,theres just something about seeing ,and picking your figures ,and going through the assortments ,,which i did as a kid many many times,
only now i can buy them all ,not just one here or there .love that

Aug 23, '18, 6:13 AM
Any news or pics of wave 2 yet other than kiss?

The Bat
Aug 23, '18, 6:56 AM
If the Romulan Commander is in the next wave I'll most likely order him asap online because he's a must have

I totally with ya on that! If he looks good(and I'm assuming he will)I'll not take chances with the Romulan Commander...I'll place an order online immediately!!! :yeah:

Aug 23, '18, 8:24 AM
There is a magic in the experience of finding Mego at retail. I feel like that's sort of the whole point. That said, if I can't find a certain figure, it's nice to fall back on online.

Aug 23, '18, 8:42 AM
I am resolved to get a little help from my friends.

Aug 23, '18, 10:24 AM
I did and will do both since the one Target that carries them is an hour away.

Cornelius POTA
Aug 23, '18, 11:09 AM
Corny says " retail "

Mego's in the wild !! Yea......baby !! :ape:

Aug 23, '18, 2:05 PM
Whelp... considering the closet Target is a 40 minute bike ride away... it's the soulless internet for me!

Aug 23, '18, 4:02 PM
Nothing so far at my Targets, so it's been online for me. Which is not my preference.

Aug 23, '18, 5:27 PM
Series one was all retail, except Batman.

I expect to do all retail on series 2.

Aug 23, '18, 7:26 PM
Retail. I can pick a perfect figure on an undamaged card, plus I don’t like paying for shipping.
That is, if there’s anything to buy in the next wave. More monsters please.

Aug 23, '18, 10:49 PM
I think my TARGET in Clarksville, IN was one of the first ones to actually street the figures (I mean a full endcap) prior to their actual "launch date" (I remember because I picked MIB41 a 2018 MEGO Dracula at my TARGET that Wednesday before they were due to be actually out). The guy who runs the Toy Dept. is top-notch and something of a MEGOhead himself, keeping that MEGO endcap well-stocked (and I help him out by straightening the thing out whenever I'm in there! LOL!). I will most certainly be picking up my Wave 2 figures at the ol' brick and mortar. Plus, I've got six TARGETS across the bridge in Louisville that are easily all within a thirty minute drive of one another...