View Full Version : Looks like most of them are now on Target.com

Aug 6, '18, 6:31 PM
So, like, buy them or something.

Aug 6, '18, 6:33 PM
Oh, and their credit card gets you 5% off and free shipping. We've had one for a long time. The 5% basically just knocks off the sales tax.

Aug 6, '18, 6:34 PM
LOL! Thanks for the heads-up. WIsh I had more dough!

Aug 6, '18, 6:35 PM
Well... I haven't checked in at the MMuseum and look what happens. I almost missed the chance to o buy Mego's off the rack, just like back in the day.

Aug 6, '18, 6:40 PM
I just bought a Jeannie set. I had to click "add to cart" 5 0r 6 times. I added a drac, too to get free shipping. Cant wait to get these!!!!!!

Aug 6, '18, 7:35 PM
looks like just Zod and WW missing at this point. my brother just went to the local target I have been checking almost daily for 2 weeks, and of course they are there now. oh well, I ordered everything I wanted from the Target site. maybe if I see them at retail I will snag some extras but I am done going out of my way to check the store

Aug 6, '18, 7:36 PM
I finally got the Star Trek Mirror set around noon today off the Target website. It was the last one I needed to complete what I wanted from this first wave. I even got another Drac to open.

Your pal, Jim
Aug 6, '18, 7:42 PM
I finally got to place my order for the figures I wanted. Felt great after the last week. I hope they really do ship and arrive, without any further problems. I won't believe it at this point until they're here! Just waiting for Target to ship or glitch out.

I gotta admit, I woulda likely got caught up in the excitement and ordered another three or five figures I only kinda wanted, had they all been available to order as promised on July 29th. Time and frustration tempered my excitement quite a bit, so I only ordered the two I really really wanted.