View Full Version : looking for Vinyl stickers. Custom work if possible.

Jul 8, '18, 12:14 AM
Looking for Batlab, Jokermobile and Batgirl themed stickers. if you make them as you go I dont need complete sets and I have some images that I wouldnt mind being subbed.

Jul 8, '18, 7:25 PM
Try Paul Wasson


Jul 9, '18, 9:34 AM
nothing on the site, no answer at email. oh well. now to teach myself vinyl decals lol. well if i can teach Dunsel how to cast resin heads I can teach myself how to print on vinyl.

Jul 9, '18, 12:32 PM
Sorry, I thought I had replied to all emails. You can always pm me here.
However, you probably want to hit up Scott Brown or Bobby Horne on facebook as they have done a bunch of custom van stickers.

Jul 9, '18, 3:34 PM
This thread has a twin topic on Custom Discussion: In that thread, Scott Brown was the dealer I was referring to from MegoMeet who was doing vehicle sticker sets. (I thought he or B. Horne might be the ebay seller Megoandmore.)

Jul 9, '18, 9:49 PM
yea i started a coule of places as it fit the different criteria and I was hoping for a wider exposure. Thanks for the help.