View Full Version : Official E-Man Action Figure. Mego Meet 2018

Jun 18, '18, 11:24 PM

Mego Meet 2018 saw the return of our official E-Man Action Figure from the Random Noir team (Scott Pierce & myself), this time in Kresge style packaging. Based on the fun comic book character published by Charlton/First/Comico in the 70's and 80's. Includes a signed certificate of authenticity by co-creator Joe Staton. Version 2.0 are built on super-posable Cast-a-Way Bodies (thanks David Lee).

We have 3 remaining. Drop us a line if you want one!

If you prefer, also available in Window Box packaging instead (from Mego Meet 2017)


(shout out to Austin Hough, Aaron Ber, Andrew Covalt, Elaine and Scott Arendsen for their contributions to producing these figures)

Jun 19, '18, 6:54 PM
PM sent for window boxed one!

Jun 20, '18, 3:53 PM
I am interested in a carded figure! Please PM me with details!

Jun 20, '18, 10:52 PM
My apologies to those who tried sending me a PM, my inbox was full. I've cleared some space now.

If you did not receive a PM reply from me, please sent me another message.

Jun 23, '18, 9:06 PM
You guys do great work.

Jun 27, '18, 11:59 PM
Thanks to the folks who purchased E-Man figures. We're shipping soon!

Looks like we have One Left in this batch. Who wants it?

Jun 28, '18, 3:23 PM
I'm interested. Sending PM now!