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EMCE Hammer
Jun 10, '18, 11:19 PM
As most of you know by now, the inaugural Customego HoF inductions took place at Mego Meet 2018. I really had no idea what to expect. In hindsight I can honestly now say if I had been given a hundred guesses I still would not have hit on the impact the event had. It was simply magical, and after a week has passed I am still having trouble putting my feelings into words. There was a deep connection; a bond of respect and appreciation that was as sincere and heartfelt as anything I have been a part of. I could tell that Charlee Flatt and Scott Metzger were truly humbled by the recognition and the knowledge that they had influenced and affected so many of us in the hobby. I was actually a little choked-up by the time Austin wrapped things up. Many of us who were there had our minds blown a little bit, and I can't thank Austin enough for his vision and his tenacity that made it all happen. Congratulations again to the inductees, whether for a figure or their entire body of work. You are all in great company and are part of something truly special.


Jun 10, '18, 11:27 PM
Very well said and I agree 100%.

Jun 11, '18, 8:35 AM

Jun 11, '18, 10:18 AM
Bravo!!! Glad to see that this will be a recurring happening for Meets in the Future!