View Full Version : Mego Meet 2018 Customs Benefit Bonanza summary

EMCE Hammer
Jun 10, '18, 10:25 PM
I get asked for this every year, and sometimes my notes are legible enough and my memory good enough that I can reconstruct the auction results. This is one of the years that I'm fairly organized.

Presented in the order they were auctioned.

1. Signed Thanos Fist from Roberto Ligotti - $50
2. Batmobile from Scott Brown - $60
3. Ultra Seven figure form Random Noir - $130
4. Black Marvel from Barrett Keith - $50
5. Purple Rain Prince from Grimjohn K - $70
6. Parasite from EMCE Hammer - $40
7. Balok's puppet form Rachel B - $100
8. Loki from Ed Nagy the almitysfx - $100
9. Incredibles two-pack from EMCE Hammer - $160
10. Lex Soar 7 from Paul Wasson at LaserMego - $180
11. Kato & Green Hornet two-pack from Brian Leitner - $180
12. Super Sentai Silver Spectreman from Random Noir - $80
13. Star Trek Tellarite from Rachel B - $85
14. Pink Deadpool from Grimjohn K - $90
15. Acroyear from Paul Wasson at LaserMego - $275!!!!! There were nearly riots for this one folks.
16. Classic Coke Santa from Derek Combs - $150
17. The Headless Horseman from David Lee - $250

There were a couple of items that didn't arrive on time. Jim Hampton's amazeballs Hatbox Ghost hit my doorstep a few hours too late, and my Ookla for the Thundarr two-pack had mange. Plan on seeing those in the future.

Thanks to everyone who donated, and thanks to those whose purchases will help keep us in the black for another year for bandwidth and support. This was another year of some really great items from some very talented people.


Jun 11, '18, 10:15 AM
Awesome!!! so much goodness, I think we need to add the ability to go live in Mego mania but that will be up to Brian, I think we would hit so many more members from that facebook site if we went live with the auction from there. Maybe even moving it from the Saturday afternoon to Friday night... Just tossing Ideas around... Hope I am not overstepping :)

Jun 11, '18, 2:37 PM
My sincere apologies to the group for the HBG not making it there in time. I just sold a lot of stuff on Ebay and didn't have a single problem with the USPS. The one package I needed to make a deadline, they screw up. I mailed that sucker the friday before Memorial Day, thought it had plenty of time!! Oh well, If Steve holds until next year I may even be in attendance as long as I can carve out those dates. I may also have more control on the mission trip dates next year. Would really love to get back to a MM and hang out.

Jun 12, '18, 6:06 PM
the auction is always a fun highlight.

Jun 12, '18, 6:21 PM
as always, we had some great fun during the auction!!

Jun 27, '18, 11:47 AM
as always, we had some great fun during the auction!!

Hey Chad,
Did you get the Black Marvel for $50 or $60?

Legend of Link
Jun 27, '18, 11:56 AM
Hey Chad,
Did you get the Black Marvel for $50 or $60?
$50 doll hairs