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Jun 10, '18, 7:14 PM
Where to begin?

It's hard to declare anything as the “best ever”, especially when it comes to Mego Meets. Each and every one has special moments that will never be duplicated, which makes each and every one of them the “best ever” in their own way.

That being said, for me it was definitely the “fastest” Mego Meet ever. Boy, did time fly! Next thing I knew it was Sunday morning and I was dining on my final Waffle House breakfast and heading home. :smiley1:

This one was certainly extra special for me, though, with the inaugural Customego Hall of Fame. Up until the food arrived for the dinner Friday night, I was still unsure if it would even happen. You see there were just so many variables: who will be selected and how? When will it take place? Where will it take place? Will we be able to get the honorees to attend? Will they even want to attend? Will we be able to get anybody else to attend? Are feelings going to be hurt by those not honored? And, how are we going to do this at a brand new venue that has never hosted a Mego Meet before?

Sure, this was MY baby, but, without the help of numerous people, from those who were there from the very beginning (Brian Heiler, Steve Moore, Scott Arendsen) to those who's skills were needed up until the very end (Steve Moore, Chad and Sean Gordy) and everybody in between, I thank you all for helping me realize what turned out to be a magical evening. And, if you were there in the room, you know what I mean.

The most gratitude, however, goes to the Hall of Famers themselves: the individuals and the customs which gave us reason to celebrate and to honor. Without these legends and legendary customs, without these pioneers of the customego hobby itself, there is no Friday night dinner, there is no celebration, there is no magical evening.

So, to Charlee Flatt, Scott Metzger, Matt Jaycox, Mike Haspiel, Paul Clarke, Dave McCormick, Paul Evans, Derek Combs, Martin Cage, and David Lee, I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring so many Megoheads to learn how to sew, and to paint, and to sculpt, and to create the custom Mego action figures we always wanted but were never made.

Thank YOU for providing the MAGIC!

Peace, Love, and Viva la Customego Hall of Fame!


Jun 10, '18, 7:43 PM
Wonderful evening, wonderful weekend, ALWAYS ends too fast! Till next year My Man you DA man!

Jun 10, '18, 9:23 PM
Said in my post, while I also have trouble calling anything "the best", the dinner you organized Saturday night was the best in MM history fo rme, hands down.

scott metzger
Jun 11, '18, 8:01 AM
That evening is always going to be a treasured memory for me. It was magic, and you and the others made it happen.

Jun 11, '18, 8:33 AM
certainly was a pleasure. thanks for continuing to inspire!

Jun 12, '18, 5:56 PM
After creating the most impressive display of customs work ever seen at a single Mego Meet at the final Skokie Meet last year, I would never in a million years have imagined how you could have topped that Austin. But you did it! And you created it out of love, passion, appreciation, and camaraderie that is the essential glue that has held Mego Meet together for so many years.

You've created something special here. I would be hard pressed to imagine anyone who was in that room not being affected emotionally by your words and the humbleness of the recipients as they received their awards.

You, the other folks behind the scenes (Brian, Steve, Scott, Robyn, The Gordy's) and the inductees all deserve a standing ovation. Please take a bow.

Also, it involved dinner. I like dinner. It's one of my favourite meals out of the five daily meals. 8)

Jun 13, '18, 11:03 AM
Nice seeing you autisn

Jun 14, '18, 10:59 AM
Was great to meet you in person, Sir Austin!

Jun 27, '18, 2:33 PM
You pulled off a hell of a nice event with that Hall of Fame dinner. Thanks for your efforts!