View Full Version : Thank you all for a great Meet!

Jun 4, '18, 6:36 PM
I can't say anymore that what The Boy did, but Mr. Steve Moore, your efforts are deeply appreciated. You worked your tail off.
Thanks to everyone!

Jun 5, '18, 2:40 PM
Here here... glad you guys were there, super excited the spoilers finally came out right lol Till next year!!!

Jun 5, '18, 4:22 PM
Glad we were able to grab a meal and some lobby and show time together this year!

Your MOTU customs were some of the best on display this year.

Jun 5, '18, 6:37 PM
Great seeing you as always!

Jun 5, '18, 6:41 PM
thanks guys.
came home with some kind of stinking head cold though...seeing doctor tomorrow for this unproductive cough

Jun 7, '18, 8:05 AM
Chad always a pleasure to see you and sean . One of the highlights of the meet for me.