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Jun 4, '18, 2:12 PM
I wanted to do a big recap but to no one who attended but shock, I'm very tired and I realized once I hit the "real world" tomorrow, the time to do this most likely won't be there. So I'm just going to copy what I posted to Facebook ( I know there are still folks who don't use it)and tack some notes on the end.

This event isn't just fun its magic. Things that have been absent since a young age return. You're suddenly surrounded by people who have largely the same interests you do and have amazing conversations about the things we grew up and loved. People you meet for the first time become instant friends. People you see year after year become family. Then there are the actual toys. As an adult, you pretty much buy what you want, within reason. The thrill of getting that something special during holidays, birthdays are largely gone. A lot of the pieces I need for this particular hobby are not easy to find and to be blunt, not cheap. So I save for this. When I find something I need that thrill, as seen in this photo returns. The fact that the people around as just as happy for me makes it that much more special. Thanks to all, can't wait until next year!

Special notes: The new venue/location. Anytime there is a move there is a concern, at least for me. It's the reason I drove this year after having such a great experience flying last year. Glad to say the new venue was an overwhelming success any fears I had were stamped out. I want to commend Steve Moore for all of this and all the work he puts into it. One of the great things I saw was an incredible selection. Longtime attendees may remember one of the complaints about Wheeling at the end was the selection. So moving again after Chicago was well-received it was uncertain. Funny note about the hotel. I was using the elevator to get to the 2nd floor until I realized the floors were so close it was faster to just take the steps!
Customego Hall of Fame/Saturday Night dinner: Combining these since both came about due to Austin Hough. Loved the presentation. While some of the material pre-dated my activity here it was great to see as you could feel the emotion and I'm a big believer in learning/appreciating the history of things you like. While I am hesitant to call any event the "best ever", I will say the Saturday dinner presented/ organized by Austin was the best one we've ever had. So many great things were discussed but the biggest theme was something I talked about in my post, we're family.

The exclusives display: It was pretty awesome to be asked to contribute something (who knew it would be from just last year!) and actually see an idea I had about the displays come to fruition, which it doesn't need to be one person contributing. A group can contribute so we aren't dependent on a select few to haul their large collections around.

Marty Abrams. Great that he was such a cool guy and glad I got to thank him not for our childhood but for bringing us together as adults.

Chris Hummell. Chris actually got to the Kresge Wonder Woman before me, but seeing me standing there, knowing how badly I wanted it, he stepped aside to let me have it. We joked about it there, but it truly meant the world to me.

Brain Heiler: I have many things to thank Brian for but this is simple. I want to thank him for taking that special shot the past few years immortalizing my "big" purchases.

The Ligottis, the Gordys and the Fiores: Wouldn't be the same without you!

Beyond that, I want to say it was a blast to talking to EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. Whether I've known you for years and just met this year. I feel like it's unfair to even name names (even though I named some) for fear of missing people at this point My only regret is with the event being so big this year, I know I missed people. So see you all next year and hope to see some of you haven't made it in a few years. You're missing out big time! I'll most likely be happily FLYING IN next time around. Had my fill of car troubles on the way to this thing!

Jun 4, '18, 3:39 PM
One of the highlights has become watching you get the One Big Item for your collection every year.

Just wanted to thank you for driving me to the print shop as well, you are truly a life saver. Hope everything works out with your car, and the drive back as uneventful.

Jun 4, '18, 9:01 PM
One of the highlights has become watching you get the One Big Item for your collection every year.

Yeah this! Great seeing you again Mike and congrats again on that great Kresge Wonder Woman!

Jun 5, '18, 2:35 PM
Well Said Mike I couldn't have expressed it better myself!!! Awesome Pickups!

Blue Meanie
Jun 5, '18, 10:56 PM
It was great seeing you again Mike. Me and Tom were wondering what figure, packaged or loose, you were going to go home with this year as your list dwindles down to near complete. I wonder what would have happened if Charlie showed up this year with comic books :)

Jun 5, '18, 11:20 PM
Always a pleasure sir.

Jun 7, '18, 11:33 PM
I'll most likely be happily FLYING IN next time around. Had my fill of car troubles on the way to this thing!

Oh yeah, you WILL thank yourself if you do. Great to see you again, sir!