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Jun 3, '18, 10:19 PM

Jun 3, '18, 10:22 PM

Jun 3, '18, 10:23 PM

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Jun 3, '18, 10:35 PM

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Jun 3, '18, 10:39 PM
Those are great shots, I missed that whilst I was making up.

Jun 3, '18, 10:39 PM

Jun 3, '18, 10:44 PM
Those are great shots, I missed that whilst I was making up.

I can't remember who is a Facebook friend. I posted different photos there, including there set of us stealing the Batmobile.

Jun 3, '18, 11:07 PM
Great pictures! Love seeing Marty signing the Jokermobile! It was a great pleasure to meet you in person!


Jun 3, '18, 11:34 PM
I really need to stop dressing up. I absolutely love doing it, but it takes time away from other things.

I loved only driving 15 minutes each way.

I loved having all dealer tables in one room.

I loved seeing everyone. It is nice to see the return of the Ohio vally people who didn't make the trek to Chicago.

It was great that a local friend of mine went to his first Mego Meet. He loved it.

It was my first time getting a room at the Meet hotel which was convenient.

The pool was nice.

Parking and loading access were great (though I noticed those who wheeled needed to go the long way around)

The location of the suite was great. (But a little on the small side) - same with the room for talks. dinner, auction: great location/small

The work that Steve and others did to make it happen was awesome.

Custom contest was great!

Buffet dinner and custom awards were wonderful.

It turns out Canadians are good people.

Hotel staff was great. Breakfast (even complimentary lobby coffee): missing.

Deals to be had - SUPER!

Buyers: did not know how to haggle- 3 or 4 times people offered me my asking price and I had to say "ask me for less". Maybe it is me who doesn't understand haggling.

We hung out with Archie (ache), Martin (hedrap), Ed (Samnoir), and Mike (batmanmc), Paul (lasermego) and got time to talk with Roberto (dark lord) who helped with my lipstick mess, Steve M, other Steves, Art, Austin, Chad, Doc, the Boy (link/sean or shawn?), Derek, Brians H & L, Scott A, Scott M, PNGwyne, Toyman Chris, canadian chris, David Lee, Rachel and you (you should say - "why didn't you write my name" in this thread, because I meant to, but I have a bad memory of who I talked to and what names to put with what people.)

Jun 3, '18, 11:36 PM
The kids customs this year were superior to previous years. -Lily won last year and looks forward to it every year. She displayed the trophy in the Living room for the year and made sure we returned it. And it was Lily who really got the ball rolling for customs this year. She was no longer just along for the ride. She made sure others knew about it and encouraged them to create. We supplies a bunch of the fodder for custom bodies. Before starting she knew that the same kid should not win 2 years in a row and also knew after seeing the creations that it wouldn't be an issue anyway. Myra's custom was amazing. Cip's was inspired and well executed, Dean's was so on the money and deserving. Mari worked with what she had on the table in front of her and made a great Nebula. There were 4 more that showed up on the table that I didn't know were in the works from up and coming customizers that were SWEET! Lily decided to do a Mystique mid-change- and killed the paints. She also wanted to do a fat body joker. I supplied the body, suit and Kirk head and she did the paints. It is scary and on display in our kitchen with protests from Amanda. I had a headless body missing its lower legs -when it came to me that it looked like burning Anakin. I threw a John boy head on it, removed half an arm. put on a jacket and pants I had in the parts pile and cut and sewed the pants. Lily did the paints and ...burning Anakin.

Thanks to all of you who inspire, put on, and donate to this event.
David Lee, Random Axe, Steve Moore, Doc Mego, Gordies, Art, Sam Noir,...

Jun 4, '18, 10:19 AM
Between the customizing and Art, the girls had a great time. You and Lilly are a real hub point for the weekend, so like Art and Austin with Chicago, Columbus is a fitting locale.

I had no idea Penguin made an appearance! It must have been during my travails to the American Girl store...........

Thanks for everything. It was certainly well worth it!

Jun 4, '18, 10:36 AM
^I was a little off-schedule.

Jun 4, '18, 3:43 PM
I can't even begin to tell you what a highlight it was to go for a joyride in the Jokermobile with you and Lilly. So much fun hanging out with you two.

Jun 4, '18, 8:59 PM
Very nice to see you again Brue. And I think it's fantastic that your daughter shares your passion in all this and loves coming to these even more than you do. I'm jealous, I wish my kids shared my interest in this stuff.

Jun 5, '18, 2:39 PM
Awesome seeing you guys year after year! It truly is a highlight for the Bronx Clan!

scott metzger
Jun 5, '18, 4:21 PM
One of the best things in the show was seeing the young 'uns getting the customizing bug.

(And I usually don't haggle a lot if I think the price is good; I'm an easy mark. :smiley1: )

Jun 5, '18, 6:41 PM
"I really need to stop dressing up. I absolutely love doing it, but it takes time away from other things.". Nah, this year it was PERFECT! You and Lily as Robin/Batgirl standing alongside Batman/Mike with the Batmobile was an all-time classic mego meet moment/ photo.

Jun 5, '18, 6:43 PM
great time with you guys as usual.
and as usual, the meet is simply not long enough...saturday just didn't have enough time.

Jun 5, '18, 6:53 PM

is your daughter giving someone the finger in the second photo? LOL

great pictures, thanks for sharing

Jun 10, '18, 1:53 PM
Brue, you took MEGO MEET to an all-new high by bringing the fabulous JOKERMOBILE as a supplement to you and Lily's always enjoyable cosplay appearances!

I want to thank you sincerely for the personaluzed tour of THE JOKERMOBILE and all of the fun hidden goodies in AND outside of it! A rolling work of art... just like everything you create!! You provided an old man with more than just a few smiles and a thrilling highlight for a weekend that threatened to be stressful and difficult.

Thanks a million, brother... for everything.