View Full Version : Last hurdle passed!

May 29, '18, 6:13 PM
Yearly post. Finished up my last day of work today, so no more obstacles. Last two years have been different though in that I'm so busy the first half of the year, MM seems to creep up on me, only the last few weeks/days are hard to get through. The biggest obstacle this year and last has been what my fund will be but I'm I'm actually in much better shape that I thought. Other than that I am looking forward to seeing everyone as always, especially some returning faces. I'm sure a week from now I'll be wondering how it all went so fast!

May 29, '18, 10:22 PM
every year it creeps up on me too. every year i say -I should just get ready throughout the year- and I never do. I think, It's September. WAYYY too early. It's January, I have lots of time. March. maybe I should get ready, but where will I put stuff? April. I still have a time. May, I need to get ready (but I don't until May twentysomethingth)

Glad you're on your way.

May 30, '18, 6:55 AM
Cant wait to see you Mike!

May 30, '18, 9:16 AM
Safe journey Mike.