View Full Version : Selling my loose WGSH collection this year. and more.

May 27, '18, 11:41 PM
I will have 1 of every 8 inch WGSH marvel and DC on my table.
Most are all real mego -very few repro accessories.

Also Trek series 1 and 2, a couple of apes and oz. another 20 or so WGSH near complete. a large pile of original mego parts. a dozen custom megos i made. a dozen mego-like figures. a bunch of other non mego junk you might like.

and my friend is coming to his first meet and will have GI joe, legos and custom joes at my tables.

May 28, '18, 8:29 AM
Nice. Can't wait to see you again!

Brown Bear
May 28, '18, 9:28 AM
Thrilled to hear Legos will be here so I can tell my kids. See u soon.

May 28, '18, 9:14 PM
I shall bring my list sir.

May 29, '18, 5:18 AM
Please tell me you are not getting out?

May 29, '18, 6:18 AM
^^^What John Said ^^^ :(

May 29, '18, 4:16 PM
Please tell me you are not getting out?

NO! Still love Megos. I will keep a few select things to display, but I just feel lately that I want less "stuff". I will still put dead figures back together. I'll continue to post off topic material on the boards and attend meets.

May 31, '18, 9:41 AM
I took my best Joker out of teh cabinet and lost him somewhere in my house. So I guess he isn't for sale. I have 2 others incomplete to round out my 8"WGSH lineup.

Also -adding Aquaman vs Great White Shark. I bought Chad's Shark 5 or so years ago. Then I got a FTC one at Mego Meet 2016. I am selling the FTC one since 2 seemed excessive and Chad's I consider an art piece. Dan (Durgos) has first dibs. $80 on FTC site + shipping. Mine $60

My friend who hs legos and joes: I don't know what stuff he is bringing. he isn't sure he will sell much. he wants to show his custom 3 3/4 joes.

Jun 2, '18, 2:22 AM
Have a great time Brue, wish I was going this year, always a pleasure to see you! :)