View Full Version : Final Thundarr CARDED!! & A Little Emergency Help

May 25, '18, 8:13 PM
Hey Guys,

Here is Thundarr all nice and carded. Big thanks to Mike for getting the cards to me so fast. The back is the Mego Thundarr card thanks to Brian. I think the final product turned out pretty darn good if I say so myself. Thanks to all who bought one.


My small emergency is that I ordered the 2-pack clam shell from FTC and they sent me the LARGE 2-pack clam and not the small one I ordered for the auction figures. I have the card from Mike and of course it's sized for the samller clam. Does anyone have a small 2-pack FTC clam shell I can have and are coming to the Meet? I'll pay you for it. There's no way I can get one from FTC before I leave for Columbus with Monday being a holiday.

Please let me know and thanks.

Random Axe
May 25, '18, 9:51 PM
Let me check my supply tomorrow. I may only have large as well. can't remember...

May 25, '18, 10:39 PM
if worse comes to worse I have a wonder twins two pack clam shell (probably to large), would that work, it is unopened, but I don't care, if it helps?

May 26, '18, 6:40 AM
Scott, I have one for you

Correction, I do not. I have a four pack not a two pack.

Have FTC ship directly to the hotel.

May 26, '18, 7:48 AM

good job bro.

May 31, '18, 9:20 PM
Does not look half bad for a card I practically threw together.

Jun 1, '18, 9:14 PM
Bravo Scott, one of your best efforts for sure!