View Full Version : Christmas at MM2018

May 22, '18, 11:50 PM
After 12 years my lovely wife has decided to attend Mego Meet this year for the first time.

On top of helping me with Thundarr she wanted to do a little something so she handmade these Christmas ornaments to sell at my table.

The small ornaments are glass while both the medium and large ones are plastic and all come in both DC and Marvel.

Small=$4 or 2 for $6, Medium=$6 or 2 for $10 and Large=$7.50 or 2 for $12.

Please make her feel welcome and buy them all. :grin:


May 23, '18, 4:18 AM
They really look cool.

May 23, '18, 6:16 AM
Those are great Scott. Let me know what’s left after the meet. I think I have the perfect place for several. ;-)

May 23, '18, 6:29 AM
I'll be picking up a few as my past few trees have been Superhero themed