View Full Version : Swank Cat's Table Tease 2018

May 18, '18, 9:04 AM
Hey gang! Gearing up for this year's Meet. Here's a teaser of the first tote. Not too much as far as straight up MEGO, but still an pretty cool mix of 70s Superhero, Japanese character items, vintage Star Trek, old school TV related and odds-n-sods toys, paper stuffs and more (vintage halloween costumes and monster items not pictured (yet)). See you in a few weeks!

May 18, '18, 8:14 PM
I know a certain someone who will go nuts over the Gatchaman stuff. :smiley1: And for me, the Japanese Spidey stuff looks very interesting, can't wait to see your table in person!

Random Axe
May 20, '18, 7:18 PM
I stared at it last year for a while and didn't grab it but Im thinking I kinda need the inflatable Spectreman.

May 20, '18, 8:34 PM
Lots of cool stuff

May 21, '18, 8:02 AM
Very cool stuff

May 21, '18, 8:44 AM
That's what I'm talking about!!!

May 21, '18, 10:34 AM
Here's the next batch...more to come!

EMCE Hammer
May 21, '18, 10:38 AM
Foul temptress!

May 21, '18, 10:49 AM
See you at the pool party!

May 21, '18, 10:56 AM
Keep the teases coming and car troubles aside I may run the whole way to Columbus lol

May 21, '18, 6:19 PM
My odds of going home with many $ just went down drastically!

May 22, '18, 7:32 AM
Hey gang,

(Very) Big Frankie! Part of Target's Halloween display in 2003 - it'd make a great wall hanging behind a monster/horror collection...I just don't have the wall space. It takes up a lot of car room - so this piece is currently an outlier as I pack for the meet - but if anyone is seriously interested, I'll bring him out.

May 27, '18, 10:00 AM
More stuffs for the table...

May 29, '18, 7:47 AM
Of note in this lot - the 1974 Giant Superman puzzle is still factory sealed. Also Coil Man. COIL MAN!

scott metzger
May 29, '18, 11:07 AM
Definitely gonna be looking at that UFO stuff...

May 29, '18, 7:47 PM
I had the that Superman puzzle as a kid and had it stuck to the wall of my bedroom. Still have the puzzle itself but the box is long gone though.