View Full Version : Were there any glaring ommisions from the military 64 line?

May 16, '18, 4:15 PM
Off the top of my head I think it would have been interesting to have a jet mechanic. Coveralls, fatigue hat, construction helmet, goggles, tools, a welding torch fabricated from already existing air tanks. The Navy Seals were commissioned in 62 by JFK so they would have been something recent for the line. Commanders or Generals from the 4 branches would have been nice, too.

May 16, '18, 11:25 PM
A Bomber crew. Sure we got all kinds later on with the newer stuff from the Classic Collection but I think I'd prefer them if they had them back then.

May 20, '18, 6:45 PM
A ton for sure when you consider how light the SOTW category was. I really like what they did but there's a ton more they could have offered in continuing that line. I think by the time they caught their breath with production and keeping up with demand the anti war movement was on so they switched gears pretty quickly.

May 20, '18, 7:29 PM
I agree about the SOTW to a certain extent, though I like what they offered. The Navy was under-represented and it would have been nice to see, for example, items reworked into a Seabee set. The mechanic and bomber are good ideas, too.

Love the idea of a Navy Seal, as well as dress uniforms for all the branches. It always surprised me that they did the cadets but not the other dress uniforms or Navy whites. But as drquest said, it probably was a matter of timing/marketing.

Have unproduced sets been revealed for military or AT Joe?

May 20, '18, 7:59 PM
The Seabees would have been a good one, could have reused some of the army construction gear for it. I always assumed the SOTW line didn't get much interest at the time and it died after the first line. I thought it was odd that they did the Marine Dress and the Air Force suit but not the other two branches. I don't see the Navy as underrepped either, they got some of the coolest gear in the frogman, Breeches Buoy, Deep Sea Diver and Deep Freeze sets.

May 20, '18, 9:22 PM
Yes regarding the Seabees, I used that in a custom with some Action Man tools, too. A peacoat would have been nice. I don't have an exact count, but I think there are less Air Force and Navy sets than Army/Marines. The Astronaut and frogman stuff saw repetition, true.

I love the sets you mentioned, I have nice repros. I wish the Landing Signal Officer had been redone, we just missed it for the 40th.

Neutron X
May 23, '18, 11:56 PM
There was an Airman mechanic in the works in 1960s. There are drawings in Hasbro handbook where they were making product changes as sales fluctuated. I think this is where the welding mask idea came from used in AT Demolition set. I have pics from Hasbro manual and custom that a fan made of welding set ect. Finding them though is the challenge. I have one Gig of pics loosely filed. I wish I had known more about dyslexia ect before saving pics. Knowing has really helped me file things in a better way.

May 24, '18, 7:48 PM
Thank you for sharing that, I love behind-the-scenes info on toy production and prototypes.

May 25, '18, 8:06 PM
A Navy corpsman just occurred to me, though I'm not sure how Hasbro might have varied such a set compared to the nice medic set they issued. The Classic Collection did a pharmacist's mate figure with a lot of detailed accessories.

May 26, '18, 4:49 AM
would love to see the airman mechanic, I've been messing with designing that set for a bit. Some light blue knockoff coveralls, white t shirt, tool belt from the fire rescue set with different tools, acetylene torch, mask from the AT era, and a fatigue cap is what I have come up with so far.

May 26, '18, 7:00 AM
^That sounds great--how are you doing the torch? There is an Action Man toolbox with tools that might also work for you.

I did a similar bash for my SeaBee: dungarees, t-shirt, construction helmet and gloves, crash-crew toolbelt with AM tools, pick-ax and diver's sledge hammer.

I'm debating getting a bag sealer and trying to use it to shorten the toolbelt so it fits better.

May 26, '18, 7:18 PM
the torch will use the orange air tanks from the sea sled diver for sure. I need to try to bash something from maybe the flamethrower for the actual torch. Tools are slowly falling into place thanks to my flipping of GI Joe lots on ebay. I get lots of odd bits that are not Joe mixed in. So far just a hammer and a wrench. I need to find a pair of goggles too.

May 26, '18, 7:27 PM
Check out ebay#332662730806 (from "1/6 torch" search).

May 26, '18, 7:39 PM
was looking at that one, simple enough to fit in with the 60s line. I really think Hasbro would have reused its existing tanks some how. I do have a flamethrower lot around, too. cut off one big tank and use the smaller one with it. Another good one would have been a front line reporter set. That would bring the whole Ernie Pyle/GI Joe connection full circle.

Neutron X
May 27, '18, 4:59 PM
Ok, I found the original Hasbro proto pic (not mine) but here is the set I'm talking about. Someone has done a great custom of this set but I can't remember who. DOH!!!! This is from original Hasbro memos ect. A great set that didn't make it into production
https://farm1.staticflickr.com/898/27524781277_472a52ab2b_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/HWgGwr)1st Issue Sailor 1b (https://flic.kr/p/HWgGwr) by edtime5 (https://www.flickr.com/photos/15047874@N05/), on Flickr

May 27, '18, 5:36 PM
Egad, that is fantastic! Thanks again for sharing, it's exciting to see that!! A very cool proposed set.

Neutron X
May 27, '18, 11:17 PM
Egad, that is fantastic! Thanks again for sharing, it's exciting to see that!! A very cool proposed set.
Glad I could add something to the conversation. The little red piece in bottom of package is a stand for the Welding tanks. You get the Crash Crew belt reused, New Tool box, Balpien hammer, gloves, ect. The welding tanks are a reuse of the Scuba tanks. I'm guessing but it looks like the knob from Deep Sea Diver helmet was used on top for valves.

May 28, '18, 3:05 AM
Looks like black welding gloves, too. interesting, and it would have put more crash crew belt sets out there. Thanks for sharing!