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Blue Meanie
May 12, '18, 2:12 PM
I used to work for a printing company that made book binders. Book Binders have vinyl used in the making of the covers. Here are some swatches of some of the colors I have. These are only 3 that I have taken pics of so far. Should be about 5 more colors after this set. Should I bring these? Probably be available by the foot. Most of the rolls I have of these are 2 ft wide rolls so essentially you'll be getting 1ft long by 2 feet wide swatches for whichever color you'd like. Hope to post swatches of the other colors I have before the end of the day:




The last pic is a close up of the right 2 swatches on the second pic. This is on swatch with emerald green on one side and textured emerald green on the other...just wanted to show that you basically get a 2 for 1 type of deal if you want this swatch...you could use it for either or :)

May 14, '18, 10:36 AM
I would definitely be interested in seeing these in person. Please do bring what you can in as many colors as you have. Thank you!

Mego Milk
May 14, '18, 8:41 PM
vinyl capes?
maybe yes!

May 16, '18, 8:02 AM
vinyl capes?
Maybe yes!

i was thinking the same thing for batgirl