View Full Version : Troubleshooter custom: persuade me.

May 3, '18, 7:07 PM
I have a nice Troubleshooter (love those treads!) that I plan to customize. Should I:

1. Make it for Atomic Man

2. or, the Man of Evil?

Persuade me.

(Of course, if someone will sell me a green Action Man ATV, I'll make both lol.)

May 3, '18, 8:15 PM
Atomic Man. Always go with the classic version.

Neutron X
May 6, '18, 5:32 PM
First you have an EXTRA ATV? :smiley1: Atomic Man all the way. I like to make customs staying vintage but that's me. Atomic Man needs a rockin' vehicle to stop the Intruders and other monsters out there! I think the Arcane guy could use a custom designed out of one of the walking Robots from the Power Traveler line or the newer Hulkbuster Armor customized. Gotta pick up Hulkbuster Armor for a custom project rules be hanged it's just cool. Good Luck!

May 6, '18, 7:00 PM
Lol. Not extra, just a nice but incomplete Troubleshooter I nabbed and buffed up. I had intended to make a villain's M.A.R.S. Industries rover, but I occurred to me Atomic Man could use some wheels. I appreciate the suggestions!

May 6, '18, 11:20 PM
Go with Atomic Man. That way you can get all of the goodies Cotswolds has for the ATV for Atomic Man. Like that little drone helicopter with the wrist controller.

May 11, '18, 5:24 PM
Man of Evil, call it the Trouble Maker