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Blue Meanie
Mar 30, '18, 7:35 PM
...What would some be interested in as far as action figures goes? I may have access to some Kotobakyu Super Powers figures if anyone is interested in those. Please post here what you might be interested in that would be out of the ordinary for Mego Meet. It would help me and some of the other sellers that are coming to the meet to get an idea of what we should bring. Vintage or new. Thanks.

Mar 30, '18, 9:16 PM
I need GL, Hawkman, WW and Aquaman in those if cheap enough my friend.

Mar 30, '18, 9:47 PM
Possibly Aquaman.

As for other new stuff: SDCC Super 7 SDCC 4" green Trap Jaw variant figure, BBP SDCC 8" Twilight Zone Shatner "Bob Wilson/Don Carter" set

For vintage: Parker sweater, Grayson trousers, Big Jim, Mattel/Filmation Flash Gordon, Capt. Action

Mar 30, '18, 10:24 PM
BBP SDCC 8" Twilight Zone Shatner "Bob Wilson/Don Carter" set

I was thinking of bringing mine to sell. Looks like I should.

Brown Bear
Mar 30, '18, 10:34 PM
Wouldn’t mind seeing some old Hasbro wwf guys.

Random Axe
Apr 15, '18, 4:54 PM
I'm likely in the market for some Ultraman Popy and Battle Fever France, Kenya. Ultraman, sentai, Japanese figures not mego scale could be cool too but I sincerely doubt I'll find any of the above thi year.

Apr 17, '18, 3:31 PM
Always on the lookout for mid to poor condition vintage Japanese vinyl (love the look, and looking to pad out my collection)

Apr 23, '18, 5:29 PM
for anyone who has a TOHO Godzilla with a broken flame lever, I will be prepared to fix yours while onsite. So bring your head or whole shogun figure.

totally unsure what I'll bring home this year other thansomeone's custom or something, so that opens me up to the unknowns...
I'd be in the mood for some vintage Star Wars....maybe the ships - beaters are fine cuz I am not spending a lot. I'd just want to strip em down, clean, paint, apply new decals and get a retro box to make it all look nice and new.
Maybe 1976 Batman Colorforms...
Maybe vintage KISS stuff (ViewMaster slides for example)

May 2, '18, 4:40 PM
I have some Popy Japanese superman and Spider-Man if you are interested?