View Full Version : GI JOE RAH Cartoon

Feb 10, '18, 3:59 PM
Just a heads up .... the RAH cartoon is airing on Discovery Family channel ... get those DVRs set. “now ya know .. and knowing is half the battle!”

Feb 10, '18, 5:47 PM
don't think I have ever even heard of that channel. I probably don't get it. I had bought a bootleg of the complete series on disc for my son like 9 years ago, I couldn't even sit through 2 episodes, lol

Feb 10, '18, 6:59 PM
They’ve aired it time and again over the last few years. Surprisingly, I still found it to be fun.

It looks to be airing daily at 5am eastern.

- Ian

Feb 10, '18, 10:55 PM
I watched the series when it was on Netflix. They didn't have the animated G.I. Joe movie though, but I had that on videocassette for a long time. I might get the Blu-ray DVD edition some time.

Feb 11, '18, 12:08 AM
Hasbro has a streaming channel so you can watch it that way too. Sigma Six and Renegades as well.