View Full Version : Thank you mods for giving a Joe his due!

Jan 15, '18, 8:32 PM
ask and you shall receive. thank you for giving us a sub section to discuss all things Joe!

Jan 15, '18, 9:33 PM
^ Indeed! Many, many thanks!!!

Neutron X
Jan 15, '18, 9:35 PM
Many Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 15, '18, 9:55 PM
"We had a tough assignment for you!"

And you pulled it off! Thanks for the new section!

Jan 15, '18, 10:53 PM
Yes, thank you--I'm glad to have Big Jim and GI Joe sections here.

EMCE Hammer
Jan 15, '18, 11:01 PM
Thank GI Heiler. Sadly I only have a few vintage Joe pieces. Being born in 1970 all I ever owned as a kid was Mike Powers. He was the odd guy out due to his size. Other than my Knight of Darkness, all the rest of my figures were either 8" Mego, 13" Mego, or SMDM and Pulsar. Still loved that bionic eye though.

Jan 15, '18, 11:12 PM
^ Check out a Palitoy Mike with added flocked hair and "atomic pacemaker." It nicely upgrades the figure, I really like mine.

Jan 16, '18, 8:42 AM
Wow! Its great to have a new place to talk Joes! ........."Set Up Team Headquarters Here!"

Jan 16, '18, 8:58 AM
I have really nice header artwork but Joe has a family emergency and the rest of us can't remember how to change a header.

Jan 16, '18, 9:01 AM
cool, Thanks Brian!!!

Jan 19, '18, 9:38 PM
I am loving this new section and all the discussion it is already spawning. thanks again Brian