View Full Version : NECA is announcing a new 8" Horror figure today

Sep 7, '17, 11:32 AM
They tweeted this

Special surprise #tbt tomorrow will reveal something really special and totally unexpected. Killing it for you guys always.

and when pressed they revealed it'll be Mego and Horror related.

Iron Mego
Sep 7, '17, 11:39 AM
Mad Monsters?

Sep 7, '17, 11:50 AM
I'm hoping for Pinhead!

Sep 7, '17, 11:54 AM
Some on twitter are guessing Pennywise, which makes sense with the movie coming out this week.

Sep 7, '17, 12:00 PM
They are claiming "barely any merchandise" prior so that rules out many of the majors.

Sep 7, '17, 12:19 PM
The announcement is up!!! I'm digging it!

Sep 7, '17, 12:19 PM

wasn't expecting this.


Iron Mego
Sep 7, '17, 1:53 PM
Not sure how that's Mego related. Maybe I misunderstood.

Sep 7, '17, 1:56 PM
Not sure how that's Mego related. Maybe I misunderstood.

It's an eight inch figure with a cloth costume.

Iron Mego
Sep 7, '17, 2:10 PM
Well, yeah. I mean that's implied when they say it's an 8" figure.

Sep 7, '17, 2:15 PM
Well, yeah. I mean that's implied when they say it's an 8" figure.

That's all there is to it. A consumer asked is it "either Mego or Horror related" and they said "Both". Mego is the nomenclature they used to describe the figure, nothing more.

Sep 7, '17, 2:44 PM
I like it. Not sure I'll buy it. I was hoping for one of the biggies. I still dream of Michael Myers but I know that doesn't seem to be a possibility. It does fit in will with the line. I might get it on one of those spur of the moment type days.

Sep 7, '17, 2:45 PM
It's funny when I see it though it makes me remember how controversial that movie was when it came out. Kind of quaint now.

Sep 7, '17, 2:48 PM
Didn't they also announce retro Chucky in the past week or so too?… a while back Randy noted post-SDCC a bunch of Re-Mego action still to come.

Sep 7, '17, 7:40 PM
I love this childhood trash-heap of forbidden fruit. Ordered.

Gorn Captain
Sep 8, '17, 8:18 AM
Not a big fan of the movie.

Sep 8, '17, 8:33 AM
^ I actually shouldn't be either. I, like many of you, am the biggest little kid, and believe in the sanctity of Christmas. I remember the backlash when it came out, and my parents made it clear that it was rotten.

And yet, when I finally watched it as a 40 something (!), I actually found it pretty tame and silly overall. It's trash, for sure, but entertaining with 30 years distance behind it. But I do understand why it's a turnoff still for many.

Sep 8, '17, 8:34 AM
You know, I've never seen this movie, but I can't stop thinking about this figure...so i guess I'll have to check it out.

The Bat
Sep 9, '17, 6:47 PM
To me as well it's Mego "related" if it's 8" scale with a cloth costume. That said...this figure is a really odd choice.:no:

Remco Monster
Sep 18, '17, 11:38 PM
Pre-ordered this tonight. Looking forward to it.

Jan 21, '18, 2:32 PM
The best part of the movie was seeing Star Wars toys in the background during the scenes at the toy store, if I'm remembering the movie correctly.

Jan 21, '18, 8:10 PM
How about Finishing Friday the 13th and the other Horror lines first....:hello:

wise guy
Jan 25, '18, 8:28 AM
I was hoping for Hellraiser Pinhead, Halloween MM, or Arnold Terminator . This is a Big pass
for me. What about Beetlejuice or Santanico Pandemonium (Dusk till dawn) with snake

Feb 15, '18, 8:56 AM
interesting lil' tease on the wire:

NECA Verified account @NECA_TOYS Feb 13
Several and 2x as many are being saved for later in the year

Michael @evilekim33
@NECA_TOYS any new megos at Toy Fair?

Feb 15, '18, 6:25 PM


Feb 15, '18, 6:36 PM
If you preorder them here, we get a nickel!



Jul 20, '18, 7:29 AM
They need to have Elvira Mistress of the Dark. YUM! :drool_y:

Gorn Captain
Jul 20, '18, 8:08 AM
Well, a 7" Michael Myers is close enough, I guess!