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EMCE Hammer
Jun 27, '17, 1:02 PM
I struggle every year with writing my own Mego Meet recap. I invariably forget someone or something. With that in mind, here goes.

I got in late Wednesday afternoon. As many others shared, the drive was smooth until I reached the tolls and then it fell apart. After I got situated I hooked-up with Scott Axe Pierce and we helped/supervised the unloading of Austin's display cases for his custom display. While this was going on I was also tracking down Brue and Dan to stop by my hoes in their way in and grab something that arrived after I left. Helpful chums all three!

Thursday morning I spent posting the rest of the auction pics and completing my own projects. At some point the Ligottis blew into town, and we hooked-up for a trip to Charlie Balicki's Dreamland Comics. Charlie's selection of back issues is almost as sexy has he is. Tom, Roberto and I enjoyed shopping and reminiscing about the ghosts of d-bag members past. I came away with a couple of bronze mini-series that I will save for a rainy day read.

Thursday night chauffeur Tom took us to Art's pre-meet pizza bash. It was a good crowd, and Art was his usual awesome self as host. We may have broken our record for female attendees as I recall at least three being there. I think we hung for quite awhile before Tom dropped several of us back at the DoubleTree. I believe it was at this time that Scott P. appeared and helped me get Roberto's boxes to the correct room and ready for action.

Friday came in like a lamb. I did my thing and assigned tables and laid out the rooms and displays. Once again Scott P. helped out, this time with tweaking some table arrangements. The Fiores appeared and gave me the awesome posters that they had printed, and I slapped those suckers anywhere that I could find where tape would stick. People flowed in steadily, and set-up was pretty uneventful and laid back. Mark Huckabone appeared and unloaded several boxes of vintage goodness. The tall Canadian guy arrived with his trusty camera and began his Jimmy Olson routine. And perhaps my personal highlight happened, ghosts of Mego Meet past Dave McCormick and Jason Schieireiermeier returned. We bought, we sold, we laughed, we cried.......and before we knew it the day was over and it was time for dinner. Well, for most people anyway - Roberto and Austin tarried on for hours putting their displays together before being carted out on gurneys late Friday evening. After dinner many folks made it to the Mego suite, but I only made a brief cameo. I will leave it to someone else to recount that night of debauchery.

Saturday morning came and it was game on. Brian handled check-in and throughout the day we had a steady flow of traffic. Which was wonderful except for the two guys who raided the auction set of cards before the Gordy patrol caught them. Thankfully we got most of them back, and what we didn't the Fiores graciously replaced from their own collection. At some point during Dr. Mego's chat our auctioneer family appeared and we began to gear up for the custom auction. At or around the same time, I asked John Kleinhelter - grimjohn - to teach me how to finish the Mego Man box that he had designed for me. I was so useless that he pretty much did it all. Shortly after the auction took place, and all the great donations found new homes. The Electra/Dyna 2pk was the big hit of the day. The final formal activity was the kids' custom contest, with everyone winning a category and Lilly taking the overall trophy. And then.....it was over.

The end.

Just kidding. We still had one more crazy night in the Mego suite. It was good to wind down and say our goodbyes. There are too many people to thank, but a few were really there for me this year. Scott Arendsen - thank you for watching my table. Scott Pierce - thanks for always being there to lend a hand. Tom Ligotti - thanks for once again keeping me fed and sane. Art Baltazar - thanks for taking care of the Thursday birds yet again and for being our partner in crime for three great years. Brian Heiler - thanks for doing what you do so I can do what I do. The Noon family - thanks for volunteering your time to help us keep this place afloat. And everyone I forgot - thank you in advance for not being mad at me!


Jun 27, '17, 1:33 PM
Steve it Always a great show and lord knows what you and Brian have to endure behind the scenes to make sure it goes off without a hitch. I always wish wed get a chance to schmooze a little more but it is what it is and the SHOW MUST GO ON. We are only too humbled to do what we can even if it is a Poster or 2 it's the least we can provide. Please don't hesitate to call upon me for help for Mego Meet 2018 for if there is anything we can do to help we are there for you and all the Mego Meet Family! Till next year my Friend!!! :)

Jun 27, '17, 3:14 PM
What a fantastic blow-out for the Chicago area Mego Meet. So glad to see you so happy and able to enjoy things a little more this year, from the front of house it looked like everything was running pretty smoothly. I'd say this was one of the best Mego Meets yet! Skokie/Chicago's been a blast for the last few years, and I've enjoyed every minute of it, and being able to explore that city a little more (The food has been terrific). Can't wait for the new location next year, changing it up keeps things fresh, and I'm looking forward to even more new faces in our extended community, and I am suspecting the return of even more old faces. ;)

Jun 27, '17, 6:38 PM
Steve, first of all, THANK YOU! I feel like almost every year I miss saying this in my own recap. It's a tribute to the work you do that that show goes so smoothly, that I don't really give much thought to that aspect. Always good to to see/talk to you for whatever limited time we have before you start attending to show stuff. It would be hard to have left Chicago on a better note. Without rehashing anything too much, this was a truly special year. I wasn't depressed it was over, but happy I had the time there.
Also, this how if possible reinvoragted my love of all things superheroes if that's possible. I attribute that to wanting to keep a sliver of the "meet feeling" going. The work you & Brian not only makes for a great show but gives us a little extra "lift" even after it's over.

Jun 27, '17, 7:08 PM
Always a pleasure sir. If you ever need anything from me just ask my friend.

And I think I sold more at your table than mine on Saturday, lol.

Jun 27, '17, 8:34 PM
can't say thanks enough for giving me a vacation while you work. Much appreciated bro.
We are looking forward to 2018 already!

Jun 28, '17, 4:47 AM
Helping you with the Mego-Man box was the least I could do after you did us a solid by putting us in the Vienna room with Art, Doc, Darklord1967, Diana, the Fiores, etc. Like Scott A said, if you ever need anything from me just ask.

Looking forward to next year!

Jun 28, '17, 10:38 PM
Steve your the best........thanks for all your help :wink: