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Jun 25, '17, 12:21 PM
Last weekend was such a whirlwind of Megoey goodness I needed to take the week to return to my daily work grind to let all of the experiences from the Meet sink in and come down from the "high" of hanging out with everyone, allowing me enough time to compose my thoughts.

The Meet festivities officially kicked off at the pre-Meet party Thursday evening at Aw Yeah Comics, Cindy and I did not arrive until about 7-ish as major traffic delays made us arrive at our hotel way later than we had planned. Upon our arrival we were greeted by Scott A, Art, Steve and got introduced to Jorge. Shortly thereafter Barrett Keith and his family came in, finally getting the chance to meet face to face after months of collaboration on our X-Men 2-Pack Customs Auction donation. When Barrett and his family went to grab some pizza and mingle I remembered from 2016 that I wanted to rebuild my Sandman collection so, I was very happy to find that Aw Yeah had not only the first four volumes but the first seven. Alas, I settled on my initial goal, volumes one through four. Diana The Re-Rooter and her husband Seth had returned from their excursion and we introduced ourselves. The rest of the evening was spent chatting about Megos, customs and custom techniques.

The next morning was dealer set up day, Cindy and I arrived a little after 9 AM and started setting up our table. Roberto/darklord1967 came in shortly after and we chatted for a bit before he began setting up his tables, it was so good to see him again. From there the whirlwind truly began as Austin popped in, Barrett Keith popped in, the guy that bought my '66 Commissioner Gordon stopped by (my apologies for not getting your name), Paul Wasson, Paul Clarke, the Gordys, Blue Meanie, Sam Noir and Scott "Random Axe" Pierce all stopped by to say hi. After a mid-day run back to our hotel to let our dog out, a shopping trip to the Hobby Lobby next door to our hotel to pick up box making supplies and to grab our lunch from Culver's I made my way back to the Doubletree. Once I got back I began working on my Deadpool variant custom and at some point Steve came and got me to make his Mego-Man box. Quick conversations with onlookers and passersby, like Scott P., Brue and Paul Wasson to name a few, made the usually mundane task of making a box a little more lively. After I finished Steve's box I returned to my table to continue working on my custom and in a blink of an eye it was going on 8pm so, we reluctantly decided to skip the Mego Suite as we were starving and needed to go let our dog out.

Saturday morning was upon us and we arrived at the Doubletree a little after 8 AM, I hit Doc's, Brian L's and Laser Mego's tables to get some accoutrements for future custom projects. Then I got right back to work on my custom figure, pausing here and there to chat with the visitors that stopped at our table. In a flash it was time for me to run to our hotel to let our dog out, Chad Gordy needed something from Hobby Lobby so, I ran in there real quick before returning to the Doubletree with the left over foot long subs Cindy and I had Friday night. I ate and got back to work on my custom figure but, before I could get too far it was time for the customs auction. It's always fun to watch the auction live as its happening. After the auction we want back to the table and I went back to work on the custom, soon we were called away for the group pic, indoors this year due to the weather. Once back at our table I was able to finish the custom with about 10 minutes to spare before the Meet's "official" end time. After 5 PM, Cindy and I began packing up our stuff and cleaning off our table. We went out to dinner with Diana and Seth, who had been our table neighbor throughout the Meet and we returned to the Doubletree with the intention of hanging out in the Mego Suite but, everyone else was just going out to dinner so, we decided to call it a night and went back to the Vienna room to say goodbye to Roberto and had a magnificent chat with him before heading back to our hotel.

All in all we had fun and enjoyed ourselves this year. OUR only regret is that we missed out on the Mego Suite again, we intended to hit the Mego Suite each evening but, we had to be mindful of our dog that was in his travel cage in our hotel room 20 miles away from the Doubletree. Next year we will find and book with a pet-friendly hotel that is much closer to where the Mego Suite is located. MY regret is not introducing myself to Kevin and Scott Fiore, my number one goal for next year's Meet is to introduce myself to you two...I did get to meet Marlene though...what a sweet, lovely lady.

To Brian H & Steve thank you for orchestrating the arrangements in making the Meet happen.

To Art, thank you for hosting the pre-Meet party at Aw Yeah Comics.

To all my Mego brothers and sisters, Cindy and I had a blast this year and we look forward to seeing everyone next year, until then we will see y'all on Forum and Facebook groups.

Jun 25, '17, 4:22 PM
We may not have formerly introduced but we spent the whole weekend next to each other.. Till next year!

The Re-Rooter
Jun 25, '17, 10:29 PM
I, like, kinda sucked at socializing. I'm not very good at it in general anyways.
Combination of being nervous & tired.
Got to know GrimJohn & his wife which was awesome and she is going to do great at re-rooting!
I wish I had an additional day because there was a bunch of people I wanted to talk to but ran out of time.
Everyone was so nice to Seth, he had a lot of fun and didn't feel excluded which meant a lot to me :heart:


Jun 26, '17, 9:14 AM
I, like, kinda sucked at socializing. I'm not very good at it in general anyways.
Combination of being nervous & tired.

It didn't show, you both seemed rather outgoing to me.

Jun 26, '17, 8:57 PM
Sheeesh, Diana!! If the MEGO MEET weekend was an example of you being bad at socializing due to being "nervous and tired", then you must be a virtual energy dynamo when you're relaxed and rested! LOL! :grin:

I thought you were absolutely charming and adorable (just as I expected you would be from our several online contacts), and Seth was an absolute pleasure to chat with and have as a weekend next door neighbor.

Jun 26, '17, 9:47 PM
really dug seeing your customs and boxes this year, and the displays you created were pretty cool.

I noticed Motel 6 is pet friendly, withs one research we've always been able to find at least one in any given town that are newer and clean.