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Dave Mc
Jun 22, '17, 12:35 AM
Hi Gang,

It's been a while since I have been around these parts on any regular basis. Life imploded and when I recovered, well, it took a while to care about toys again. Still I would have continued to go to this event had work not kept me away on those weekends. Too many good people and good friends in one location to pass on lightly. Finally, this year I noticed the weekend had changed and I wasn't working. I had missed the last 6, I haven't been around these parts for a while, should I even bother? I decided I really wanted to go.

This event is always magic to me, and I found that again from the moment I walked in. It's not a toy show, it is simply an excuse for friends to gather, and I found I still had plenty that I knew I used to have, and several more I didn't know I had. Everyone was so kind and welcoming and it was like not a day had passed.

Guys like Paul (Doc Mego), Berto, Tom, Scott A, Scott P, Joe, Charlie, Austin, Brian L, Art, Chad and more who are fellow old timers... It was so good to see you all again and fall right back in like I never left. Thank you for welcoming me home.

And new friends like Roberto, Anthony, Chris and Archie, who knew me from the old days yet I never got the chance to meet before. Archie... special shout out. He overheard me speaking with Doc about not having the Mattel GA figure which was the first we worked on together for that project. Archie wasn't even there for the convo, just overheard and came down and presented me with this figure. Thank you! It reminded me of the energy of this community. Such a great group of people I was always proud to be a part of.

Brian Heiler... So good to see you again. Your dedication and work to this place, this community... even at times when it is so difficult is admirable and appreciated. I recognize that you set the tone. Thank you for 20 years of labor for this community, and giving us the place to come and go, cause trouble, be difficult, but be awesome to each other as well. What you do is so seamless it is often overlooked. Thank you.

Steve Moore... I haven't been around for a while and I am not sure Steve gets the love he deserves, but he ran his behind off keeping this thing going. And even before it was his to run he was right there with me, always there giving his all. This community is fortunate to have you my friend. You rock!

So many people I enjoyed seeing, so many people I missed. Paul, Chuck, Derek (both of them) Bryan Bossart, Jim Hampton and many more. I am hoping next year I will get to reconnect with you again! And of course my old friend Ron Peritore... Ron, if you happen to read this you best get in contact with me or I'm coming for you!

This community is awesome. Several people asked me "are you back?". Am I a mego collector again? LOL! I had everything once. Variations, rare items, was buying lines not because I enjoyed them (who really loves the Waltons? I mean seriously?) and it's all been gone but a single Cornelius figure that had meaning to me. At this event I looked at Megos all day long, all the rare and cool stuff... Found myself making one purchase. I bought a single complete common blue soldier ape from Berto (who of course wouldn't accept his full price, don't let it get around be he's such an awesome dude) and was so excited about the purchase. Like a newbie. A mego virgin, excited about the purchase of such a common figure. That is pretty dang cool to experience the hobby again from that perspective. The pure joy of childhood and not the drive of a collector. THAT is the magic of Mego Meet.

Thanks to all that came, welcomed me back, and all those that make this community so great. Looking forward to next year!

Jun 22, '17, 1:32 AM
It was really great to spend some time talking with you and I'm really glad things have come around.

...and it goes without saying, but I'm gonna do it anyway...if you ever find yourself in or near NY, please let us know...the door is always open and the beer is always cold :)

Always Wishing You and Your Family the Best...Stay Well Dave :)

Jun 22, '17, 1:25 PM
The Walton's rock.

Sorry I missed you Dave. Glad you had a good time.

Jun 22, '17, 2:13 PM
I think I may have your Waltons, Dave. :)

and I enjoyed reading your recap once again, tho it was not quite as involved as the first couple that I remember which were a major reason I wanted to get to MM in the first place. http://megomuseum.com/community/showthread.php?26894-Dave-s-Megomeet-ramblings-and-Raffle-Auction-results

Posts like that (and recaps from other members) are what got me to these events in Skokie. And I am super glad to have made your acquaintance face to face. Just let me know if you need those waltons back.

EMCE Hammer
Jun 22, '17, 2:28 PM
I had forgotten what epic recaps Dave used to write. I better do one soon before I forget everything.

Jun 22, '17, 6:36 PM
Good to see you back Dave! While I would be considered "old guard" now it was the kindness shown to me at my first MM in 2007 by the original old guard that in some ways changed everything for me. I had collected Megos and been a member of the Museum for a few years, but it was that show (though in actuality I only experienced half the show that year) that kicked things to high gear. I was inspired by what people had and more inspired by seeing what at that point was only a great online community to me spring to life. I know I'm not the only one. I missed the following year, but vowed to never miss another and to date I haven't. In the past decade I have made a lot of new "real-life" friends thanks to the Meet and again I have yourself and the original group to thank for that. 10 years later, I have a group of friends I'd never imagined and a collection I never would have thought possible. Thanks for kicking off something that's become so important to me and hope the stars align for you to come back again!

Jun 22, '17, 7:43 PM
Glad to see you again after all these years.
It was you Dave that convinced me to travel to my first meet.

Mego Milk
Jun 22, '17, 8:14 PM

Jun 22, '17, 11:48 PM
It was awesome seeing you again and catching up. It really was like you hadn't been gone. I hope to see you next year and every year after my friend.

Jun 23, '17, 1:58 PM
it was awesome to see you back! hope you can make it next year as well.

Jun 25, '17, 11:49 AM
Glad your back :yes:

Jul 27, '17, 7:28 PM
It was a true pleasure to finally meet you face to face good sir! Great chatting with you in the suite! I look forward to next year, when I can plan to actually be there for the majority of the weekend!