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Jun 19, '17, 8:21 PM
As always, I loved Megs Meet. Thanks to Steve and all who make this event happen. Thanks to figures Toy Co for Customs Contest and Door prizes.

Cool to see Austin's custom's collection. So much work went into the making of this collection - the Music Master is my favorite part.

And the Roberto's Batman Diorama and Batmobile in progress -WOW - so much attention to detail!!!!

We drove up with Dan again. Unlike the past 2 years, we made no pit stops along the way which got us into Chicago well before rush hour. We dropped Dan at the Doubletree and checked into our airbnb (unfortunately it moved half an hour away at the last minute). We took a swim there then headed into Skokie to get dinner then go to Aw Yeah property.

At Aw Yeah, Art said he was getting pizza, so we passed on heading out to dinner. We were exited to get to say hi to so many of our once a year meetings of our friends.

Back at our bnb, we watched Trolls (Lily liked it, me: I fell asleep before it was over)

6 hours later- up to set up at the meet. Lily again ran in as soon as we got there and started catching up. She was ga ga for Diana and her rerooting. Lily also had planned parasite before heading to chicago, and decided on one of the Archie comics girls when we were at Aw Yeah comics.

I had a hodge lodge of non megs stuff, comics and cards on my table. I actually sold some of it. Thanks to those of you who bought.

I looked to see what people were up to over the past year. Lily was gabbing, hunting down custom parts, and learning about re-rooting. I started to try to complete more figures. I got a bunch of parts way to cheap from Doc and had lengthy conversations with Eddie. Berto gave me a batman head to finish a Batman. Charlie outfitted Green Arrow. Joe supplied numerous pieces parts -and at the end of the meet I bought a lot of parts from Joe to complete more stuff at home. Between what I got from Joe and what I already had, I made 5 naked Kirks and put them on display in the kitchen window - Amanda loves the display (sarcasm).

I'm sure we got things from others too. Just can't remember what/who.
I wanted the AJ BP car but we were one zero apart from reaching a deal. It is worth the 1200 price tag, but I really could only spend about 120 on it.
Anyone who went nuts for Jet Jungle, needs to give this piece greater consideration.

Saturday night I had planned to eat with the gang, but thought it would suck up too much time. We ordered ahead to go, came back the the Ego Suite and hung out with others while we started making customs and figures.

I got sidetracked from Meos talk with Archie on bike riding and Jason on VW's and cars for a bit, and ended with bad jokes while Lily sat with her customizing buddies Ed and Art and used her favorite celebrity Art's art supplies. Chris told "funny" jokes. Braian L helped get the head in Lily's custom (I bought and outfit from him only to sell for the same price the next day).

We stayed at the suite way too late. Lily though we would swim or watch a movie when we got home (at 2 am!). We went to sleep for 6 hours.

The day at the meet was fantastic - When we saw the Klingons it made the day! Lily and I rushed out to put on our new outfits. Mego-esque Spock and Nurse Chapel. My Spock had a nod to EMCE. Doc pointed out my "error" right away. I asked "What happens when you send away to China? How does it come back?" - EMCE Spock's have silver wrist rank insignia. They should be gold. I went with silver because that's what I had available (wouldn't Mego?), and the EMCE Spock has silver.

We got several pics with the Mego Klingons - THANKS for coming in this unplanned character match up!!!!

We changed to our Adam West tribute Burt and Yvonne outfits. I managed to lose my mask, belt, and page leggings -only to find them when I changed out of my Robin guise.

Second half of Saturday I put my Mego Meet created collection on the table for sale. It was good to see several go to new homes.

I actually managed to make $50 more than I spent at the meet (Meet only - Food, gas, lodging and outside purchases extra)

Brian H snapped a great pic and did a write up of kids custom contest. Lily was sooo sooo elated to win. The other 3 kids did a great job.
I loved Dean's Starlord - I really like seeing Dean each year. Lily will bring the trophy back next year - but won't give it up without a fight.

I packed up, made the rounds to say goodbye, headed to the bnb and went swimming. We ate scraps (because I didn't want to go back out) and watched Vampire Academy. Lily had just finished reading the novel and didn't even know it was made into a film. If you are a 13 year old girl I would recommended it. It you are a middle aged guy -pass.

The morning came too soon and Lily was not chipper. The drive home was 6 and a half long hours and we lost an hour to CT. I sorted out my stuff and we to Amanda about our adventures.

I'll try to post pics -OH and I made a 10 minute GoPro of the dealer rooms.


Jun 19, '17, 10:06 PM
Always Great to see you and Lily, such a breath of fresh air the Both of you. Wish I had parts for you to rummage through. Maybe one day we will get to see that Jokermobile in person :)

Till 2018

Jun 20, '17, 2:05 AM
It would NOT be MEGO MEET without you and Lily, buddy! I just love that adorable little girl and the special bond you two share. I am counting the days until I see you both again at MEGO MEET '18!

I want to thank you again, Bruce, for hanging out with me for a little while over by my Bat display for the oh-so-pleasant chats! Your visits to my area made an already pleasant experience utterly enjoyable!

Jun 20, '17, 3:04 AM
Always awesome seeing you and Lily there, glad you both enjoyed it! Can't wait to see that GoPro footage :)

Jun 20, '17, 10:21 AM
I had a great time talking with you about all things not mego. :) And the anchovies.... ah, the anchovies. Spectacular.
I hope to get my daughter, Emilia, to come out to the next MM incarnation so she can meet Lily. :hokay:

Jun 20, '17, 9:34 PM
Always good to see you!

Jun 23, '17, 1:58 PM
I know it was a heck of a drive for you two the past few years, but Mego Meet wouldn't be the same without the parade of costume changes throughout the day.

Jun 27, '17, 12:09 AM
I had a great time talking with you about all things not mego. :) And the anchovies.... ah, the anchovies. Spectacular.
I hope to get my daughter, Emilia, to come out to the next MM incarnation so she can meet Lily. :hokay:

no anchovies please:


Jun 27, '17, 7:18 AM
always great seeing you guys and the fun you have dressing up. The Trek theme was a neat surprise!

Jun 28, '17, 10:51 PM
It's always great seeing you and Lily :smile: