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Jun 19, '17, 8:03 PM
no mushy novel tonight - I don't have the traditional post-mm depression as I usually have.
Not sure if that is a good thing or bad thing, but I do wish it was longer.
MM goes by way too fast.

I can't think of anytime when I was simply not involved in a conversation or activity.
I think the turnout seemed lesser this year - traffic in my room seemed thin, dunno bout everyone else.
One the drive home, The Boy and I started rattling off names of faces not seen this year, last year, year before...I think we got up to 16 members who've stopped coming or couldn't make it this year...truly missing these folks, but happy to meet new faces and sharing in new passions like Diana and her re-rooting stuff.

I think it all went smooth as silk this year.

Next year - I have to have more space. One table simply cramps my style lol
Next year - I hope we're all in one big room, panel discussions included.
next year - Hope we have a "mego suite" like the good ole days...comfy furniture is a must.
Next year - we HAVE to get ALL of the MM Exclusive figures under one roof. It should be a staple of the event to showcase years past. Between The Boy and myself we have most, but not all.
Next year - more collections need to be brought. Austin has raised the bar very high - but only at MM's past have I been able to see cool rare stuff like Web Hands Aquaman, real GWS or GAH prototypes....would like to bring that coolness back.
Next year - can't come soon enough.

Thanks to Steve for running the whole show ;-)

Jun 19, '17, 10:10 PM
Always a pleasure to see you and Sean... Either I'm getting very old or there just isn't enough time for this event, it's both but you know what I mean lol, till 2018 My Man... space out those Pizzas lol

Jun 19, '17, 10:37 PM
Great to see you guys as always. I'd love to see more collections myself. I think this year as far as people not coming it was the perfect storm, but hopefully, some will read what I posted in that regard and take to heart. On the brighter side, it was great to see Dave back and I hope it's the start of a trend of returnees. I'll also be the first to volunteer to bring my stuff, either as a standalone display or to be combined with others who may have pieces I don't or in better shape for that matter. Seeing those early displays motivated me to move into areas I never thought possible. I'd love to inspire others that way.

The Re-Rooter
Jun 20, '17, 1:52 AM
We had so much fun!
Thank you all so much for a fantastic experience!
For the first time in several years I didn't feel isolated in a public setting. :heart:


Jun 20, '17, 2:14 AM
You're part of our very special family, Diana. And I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say it was delightful to finally meet you and Seth!

Jun 20, '17, 7:05 PM
Always fun with you and the boy. We have some good things planned.

Jun 23, '17, 2:18 PM
I always have a huge case of the blues as well, after I get home from a Meet. This year was no different!

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your plans for 2018. I'm the first in line for one, and you and the boy are brilliant for doing it. One of the highlights of the Meet for me, for sure!

Jun 23, '17, 9:32 PM
I do like the idea of the MM exclusives on display.