View Full Version : so long and thanks for all the hot dogs

Jun 19, '17, 1:45 AM
Cip and I had a great time once again. Thanks to all the folks behind the curtains that pull this event off.
So great to spend some time in the suite and chat with old and new friends.
Great company in the room I had my dealer table in as well; awesome vintage pieces, custom items, and super cool creative folks to hang with on Sat. Big thanks to the Gordys for the dremel support to get my son's custom finished up.
Austin's display was monumentally inspiring, not only to make cool customs, but to go dig up and read the crazy comics that inspire his creations; and I wish my daughter would have come to see Darklord's beautiful Gotham diorama. She is a miniaturizing and architectural fan and she would have loved his work.
Robyn - your cards were awesome and the giant poster sized blow ups were crazy cool. They would be awesome framed up and hung in a collector's room/display.
I wish I could bottle the goodness I get from this con and then sip from it to sustain me through the year.
Safe travels on the homeward journey for all. Hope to see everyone again next go around.

Jun 19, '17, 11:13 AM
I really had fun talking with you and meeting your son. We had a great room. See you next year!

Jun 19, '17, 7:38 PM
great spending time with you too bro.
We'll have the dremil next year again too lol

Jun 20, '17, 10:26 AM
great spending time with you too bro.
We'll have the dremil next year again too lol

Ha! I just realized we borrowed your dremel last year when Cip wanted to make a 4-armed custom. :)

I had my dremel set out to go with our paints and such, but at the last minute tried to borrow my daughters battery powered rotary tool. We ended up not being able to find hers, and mine never made it back off the workbench.

Happy to know one is available if we don't manage to pack a rotary tool next year. :hokay:

Jun 23, '17, 2:07 PM
Glad you were able to make it to Chicago once again. Really digging those japanese figures I picked up from you.