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Jun 18, '17, 3:34 PM
This might be of interest to some: Mego Meet 2017 Review (http://www.infinitehollywood.com/mego-meet-2017-review/)

Hat's off to all who work so hard to put this on, for another great year!

Jun 19, '17, 9:16 PM
great review! (but that wasn't lasermego's 3d printer, it was mine ;-) )

Jun 20, '17, 8:57 AM
Whoops! Mea culpa.

That's good to know!

Jun 27, '17, 11:39 AM
Glad to have you there! -Do what it takes to make it next year. You are one of the club now. And as you point out, it is a little awkward being a newbie. Hopefully we can get more new regulars and if you unseen heroes are reading this, announce yourself. I want everyone to be part of the "club", but I need a nudge. Just come up and say "Hi Brue, may name is Inigo Montoya (Or use your own name). I'm new."

Jun 27, '17, 4:05 PM
I had the pleasure of having a great chat with one of the Chicago locals who also owns a collectibles shop in the city. For the second year in a row, he showed up on Friday at around the time we all went off for lunch at Portillo's across the street en masse, and witnessed us all flood back in. He asked me, who looks after the stuff on the tables while everyone is gone for lunch (or when we all go off on our field trip to the local collectible/comics shops). Of course, he stared at me wide-eyed and incredulous as I simply stated that we are an extremely tight-knit community that trusts one another, but also tends to look out for one another as well. Fridays are super-casual and mostly the regular gang, but even on the busy Saturdays we'll either go find/point out the person when a local walk-in inquires about an item on an absent friend/neighbour's table, or we'll take the money for the item and hand it to the table's owner later.

With that said, we're hardly a group of suckers ready to be pilfered. Like a small town community, it's easy to spot new faces wandering around. Not everyone goes to lunch, there is always SOMEONE from the community in any given room at any given time doing their set-up on Friday, or walking around doing organizational things. IF anything valuable ever were to go walking, it is VERY EASY to put the puzzle pieces together. It would be a SIGNAL for something much more severe than just a criminal act, it would be a betrayal of trust and friendship. Collector's circles tends to be smaller than most folks imagine, particularly for unique items.

Having done many local small local toy shows myself, I understand how this might seem completely incomprehensible to someone on the outside of the bubble, but it's also what makes Mego Meet so special. The dealer rooms, just like the Mego Suite in the evenings, or the Aw Yeah Comics pizza party on Thursday, is just an excuse for us to hang out with friends who all love the same kind of stuff as you do.

EMCE Hammer
Jun 27, '17, 4:20 PM
I have lost count of the fine folks who have accepted money on my behalf as people shopped at my unattended table. Well said Ed.