View Full Version : See you all tomorrow!!

Jun 15, '17, 9:27 PM
Is it too late to post what I'm bringing to MegoMeet?

It is, I know, but I'm doing it anyway.

I've got an Adams/Superfriends style Batman, and Infantino Batman, and Aparo Batman that I've had at previous shows.

I've also got a new Adams inspired Joker and The Creeper.


I'm bringing some just to show too.

So who else is ready to stay up all night and play with dolls!?!? :smiley1:

Jun 15, '17, 9:39 PM
Nice! See ya tomorrow!

Jun 15, '17, 10:59 PM
Cool... we (I) Need a Frank Miller DKR Batman we all need a DKR Batman lol

Mego Milk
Jun 20, '17, 3:31 PM
These heads are great!
I bought a Batman, Joker and a Creeper!

I was going to make Creeper into another Joker...BUT...
I decided to make a Creeper. Assembling parts NOW!

I have a tight yellow suit and some red fuzz so far!

Thank you ANDY!

Jun 20, '17, 3:33 PM
Awesome!! Good to hang out last weekend, Art! Can't wait to see what you put together!

Jun 23, '17, 2:05 PM
glad I grabbed that Creeper head from you. That is some next-level stuff on these heads in terms of amount of detail.

So astonishing to see them in person!

Jul 2, '17, 12:45 AM
Thanks Ed! Took me a bit to see this post.

It was good to hang out as well! Next year seems very far away from now.

Jul 3, '17, 11:19 AM
Wow those are all very nice. Very impressive. Me likey, me likey a lot.