View Full Version : On the Road...Thread : )

Jun 14, '17, 9:41 AM
Go West (or whatever Direction :) ) My Friends...

Berto and I are leaving Joisey heading West towards Chi-Town...Praying to the Traffic Gods to Part-the-Lanes for a Speedy Arrival :)

God Speed and Safe Travels to All!!!

Jun 14, '17, 9:46 AM
Safe trip gentlemen, I look forward to seeing you and spending most of my money at Berto's table (whatever Corey leaves)

Jun 14, '17, 10:22 AM
Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys as far as traffic. No more for me, I'll be flying in tomorrow!

Mego Milk
Jun 14, '17, 12:53 PM
be mego my friends.
stay hydrated.

EMCE Hammer
Jun 14, '17, 10:25 PM
Traffic was sucktastic once I hit toll land. Otherwise OK.

Fire Marshal Bill
Jun 15, '17, 12:30 AM
We are at an RV Park in Volo, about 45 min from Skokie. Have reservations at the hotel the next 3 nights. See everyone tomorrow evening at Art's shop if I don't get lost on the L train trying to get to a bus tour of downtown Chicago!

Jun 15, '17, 3:53 AM
Packing the car and double-checking to make sure I have everything. Hitting the road in about four hours, should arrive at our hotel at about 1PM, just in time for a nap :silly:

We will see you guys tonight at the Aw Yeah party!!!!

Jun 15, '17, 6:14 AM
Ligotti's On the Road Again Leaving Cleveland...See you in about 6 hrs baring traffic :)

Jun 15, '17, 6:55 AM
Ligotti's On the Road Again Leaving Cleveland...See you in about 6 hrs baring traffic :)

Heck we may pass each other we're 6 hours into the drive in Windham OH about now... See y'all in about 6 Hours!

Jun 15, '17, 2:10 PM
Arrived and checked in ... met the Ligotties and Daianna and The Hubby in the lobby, now we're crashing till Dinner!!!

Jun 15, '17, 4:27 PM
Just checked in. Might go for a run before the launch party.

Jun 15, '17, 6:02 PM
Made it with The Boy.
Getting a Lou Malnati fix then hitting the party.

Jun 15, '17, 6:09 PM
Myself and kid are hitting the road in the AM. Looking forward to the next couple of days of Mego fun.