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Blue Meanie
Jun 10, '17, 3:11 PM
Crunch time and I am going through a lot of my stuff. I know Mego's are the main thrust of Mego Meet but there are a lot of collectors that also did other vintage items. Here are a few items that I am trying to get a feel for if I should bring them or not. List will be updated as I am going through the stuff. So far here's what I am asking about:

Frank Frazetta 1977 and 1978 Calendars
JRR Tolkien 1977,78,81 Calendars illustrated by the Brothers Hildebrandt

I'll try to take pics later of them...but they are basically in VF+ condition with no rips, tears, or writing whatsoever.

Update coming as soon as I find other items that may be of interest. Thanks for any input.

Blue Meanie
Jun 10, '17, 4:24 PM
EMCE Star Trek figures.

Blue Meanie
Jun 11, '17, 12:12 AM
For The customizers out there that will be at the show...here's something you might be able to work with for a possible Invisible Jet or re-work in 3D Image printer. Wing actually separates from plane. Just about Mego Scale...might be 9 inch scale:
http://megomuseum.com/mmgallery/files/3/1/ww_invisible_jet_original.jpg http://megomuseum.com/mmgallery/files/3/1/ww_invisible_jet_2_original.jpg

http://megomuseum.com/mmgallery/files/3/1/ww_invisible_jet_3_original.jpg http://megomuseum.com/mmgallery/files/3/1/ww_invisible_jet_5_original.jpg

Jun 11, '17, 10:29 AM
My Brother may be interested in Checov and Sulu, bring the bendies!!! ;) see you in a few days!!!

Blue Meanie
Jun 11, '17, 12:23 PM
Ideal Captain Action outfits and accessories. Lots of Batman, Lone Ranger, and Phantom. Some Sgt. Fury stuff to from the original line.

Jun 11, '17, 1:10 PM
I might bite on the Batman CA stuff. Robin too if you have it.

Also looking for vintage Robin stuff.

Blue Meanie
Jun 11, '17, 5:03 PM
Blue Thunder Helicopter. Roy Scheider figure is busted up. If I can find him I'll throw him in for free:

EMCE Hammer
Jun 11, '17, 5:32 PM
Bring it all 'Berto!

Jun 11, '17, 6:35 PM
Bring it all 'Berto!
Not enough room in the car...

Blue Meanie
Jun 11, '17, 10:03 PM
Last post for the night. I know I will find even more stuff tomorrow. Here are a few things I'm on the fence to bring:

Tiamat from Dungeons and Dragons. He has a few broken parts and I don't know if he can be repaired...but I know he's a tough figure to find and I also have the box:

Talking Tick figure and I think he also speaks French...not sure:

I may donate this back into the customs auction...either way I am bringing it to the meet. Custom Black Flash by Steve Moore:http://megomuseum.com/mmgallery/files/3/1/black_flash_sm_custom_original.jpg

Thanks and please post in this thread if I should or shouldn't bring these items. Thanks.