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May 31, '17, 8:47 PM
OK folks. At my table this year I will have a "Name That Obscure Villain Custom" Contest!

I believe I have made the single, most-obscure villain custom in the history of Mego customizing and to put my money where my mouth is I will be offering $100 in printed suits and/or repro heads to anybody who can name and give details to where this villain is from.

And, it is only open to attendees of Mego Meet 2017.

The winner will be announced here on the Mego Museum Forum Sunday night June 18th in the Finished Custom Forum (along with pictures of the custom figure).

Here are all the details:


If you know who this “obscure” villain is and where he can be found in the Comic Book Universe you could win a $100 shopping spree from Austin's Facebook page.

Simply fill out the entry form with as much information and details about this character as you can and enter it into the contest. The more details you can provide the better your chances of winning.

The entry that provides the “most correct” answer will be declared the winner*
and awarded the prize**.

*Winner is determined at the sole discretion of Austin Hough and will be announced on the Mego Museum forum at the conclusion of Mego Meet

**Grand prize is transferable

See you at Mego Meet and Good Luck!

Peace, Love, and Megos!


May 31, '17, 9:03 PM
Sounds like fun!!!
Can't wait to see it!

Jun 1, '17, 10:10 AM
Interesting, Verrrrrrrryyyyy Interesting! :)

Jorge Galvan
Jun 1, '17, 3:53 PM