View Full Version : What do you guys want me to bring

May 26, '17, 11:47 AM
As always l will have almost everything in remego old and new
But every year l run out of stuff that every one wants :ugh_y:
So help me out..... especially on the "figures toys" stuff carded and loose
I always give the best deals l can and will be running some sales on the older stuff
So post what you want and l will do my best to have enough to cover everyone

Thanks :grin:

EMCE Hammer
May 26, '17, 12:54 PM
Bring it all Anthony! Your prices are legendary:-)

May 26, '17, 10:23 PM
I'll be looking for FTC in Mego boxes, on Mego style cards and on Kresge cards.

But yea, like Steve said, bring it all.

May 30, '17, 8:30 PM
I'm likely interested in loose FTC figures, mainly:
Flash Wave (other than Flash),
Teen Titans series 2,
New Teen Titans series 1,
Batman series 4 and 5,
Plastic Man,
Ms. Marvel, and

Jorge Galvan
May 31, '17, 12:46 PM
anything Hanna Barbera related, Marvel, DC, 70's, 80's and kaiju. :)

Jun 2, '17, 6:28 PM
Ftc sf/lod

Jun 3, '17, 10:54 PM
If you or anyone else has any cb McHaul figures please bring them 100% interested

Jun 7, '17, 6:34 PM
I may be swayed for loose/baggie SuperFriends.

Jun 14, '17, 12:38 AM
Received all the lastest from FTC today so with the rest of my stuff from biff bang pow to neca I will have something for every one.......I'm also putting a bunch of stuff on sale so I hope every one is in a buying mood....it's time to unload some inventory :grin: