View Full Version : Austin's (Megowgsh) complete customs collection on display at Mego Meet 2017

May 18, '17, 10:28 AM
Yes, you heard correctly.

I will be bringing my entire collection, including display cases, to Mego Meet 2017 in Skokie, Illinois to be displayed in its entirety for the first time outside of my home.

Here's looking forward to seeing you there!

(a sneak peek)

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/23AF99B7-BDE4-49A2-BDB0-84D2B32139B0_zpsxhzws0bp.jpg~original (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/23AF99B7-BDE4-49A2-BDB0-84D2B32139B0_zpsxhzws0bp.jpg.html)

May 18, '17, 11:00 AM

May 18, '17, 12:17 PM
^^^^ you can say that again^^^^ WOW!!!

May 18, '17, 12:30 PM
Holy crap! That is incredible Austin. Really cool of you to do that.

May 18, '17, 2:46 PM
Dave Mc and now this? I can't believe I'm not going!! :ugh_y: Very cool.

May 18, '17, 6:07 PM
well holy crap...that is going to be one heckuva undertaking...wow dude.

The Bat
May 18, '17, 6:10 PM
HOLY CRAP!! Awesome Austin!!:yes:

May 18, '17, 6:57 PM
Austin/Dorothy! I love your collection more than words can say... it is AWESOME, and the fact you are displaying it all at a remote location like MM is sooooo COOL.... that said: I really, REALLY love that cute little Austin face at the bottom of the pic. HAD to say it :)

May 18, '17, 7:01 PM
Wow! That is quite the undertaking, sir. I can't imagine how long that will take to pack and set up again... but God love you for doing it.

May 18, '17, 7:11 PM
Sweet baby Jesus!!

EMCE Hammer
May 18, '17, 7:43 PM
That 1:1 scale custom in the lower middle almost looks human.

May 19, '17, 6:42 AM
Epic! simply epic!!!

May 19, '17, 9:15 AM
What an undertaking! I won't make it to MM, but in the spirit of all that is good around here, thanks for sharing! ;)

May 19, '17, 9:37 AM
Wow, that is going to be SO impressive in person; I envy the folks who are going to be experiencing it! May God grant you patience, a strong back and a big truck!

May 19, '17, 10:50 AM
Do you need to rent a moving company to help you??? :smiley1:
It will be cool to see all of your stuff!

May 24, '17, 8:58 PM
I won't be making it to mego meet, but you have an AMAZING collection, I think you will arrive in a moving van
and leave in a brinks truck.

May 25, '17, 9:58 AM
Sweet baby Jesus!!

What He Said...but with a New York Accent and some profanity for flair ;)

The Re-Rooter
May 25, '17, 1:24 PM
Glass Cases are SOO heavy! I hope that moving them/set-up/break down won't consume all your time at the show!

May 26, '17, 11:10 PM
This is going to be EPIC.

May 28, '17, 11:20 AM
We'r gonna need a bigger boat!

Jun 8, '17, 3:37 PM
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/IMG_3961_zpso40vmjza.jpg~original (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/IMG_3961_zpso40vmjza.jpg.html)

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/IMG_3960_zpsl2kwu3qg.jpg~original (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/IMG_3960_zpsl2kwu3qg.jpg.html)

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/IMG_3959_zpswes605ak.jpg~original (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/IMG_3959_zpswes605ak.jpg.html)

Jun 9, '17, 5:58 AM
whoa. that almost looks spooky seeing those empty dark cabinets.

EMCE Hammer
Jun 9, '17, 7:18 AM
Seeing that tote reminds me of setting up Dave's collection in Wheeling.

Jun 9, '17, 9:20 AM
Seeing that tote reminds me of setting up Dave's collection in Wheeling.

I was thinking the SAME thing :)

Jorge Galvan
Jun 9, '17, 11:09 AM
Austin, I hope you have help in moving all of this.

Jun 9, '17, 1:59 PM
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/IMG_3964_zpsvgkpfutu.jpg~original (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/IMG_3964_zpsvgkpfutu.jpg.html)

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/IMG_3963_zpsgxqudkwk.jpg~original (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/IMG_3963_zpsgxqudkwk.jpg.html)

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/IMG_3965_zpssr42yxnr.jpg~original (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/IMG_3965_zpssr42yxnr.jpg.html)

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/IMG_3966_zpsiffhcght.jpg~original (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/IMG_3966_zpsiffhcght.jpg.html)

Jun 9, '17, 3:12 PM
Looks like a huge effort. Thank you so much for sharing your collection with everybody. I can't wait to see them up close.

Jorge Galvan
Jun 9, '17, 3:31 PM
Just saw the latest photos, are you GONNA NEED HELP setting this up? This is insane!!!!

Jun 14, '17, 3:10 PM
Sheeyitt just got reals!

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/7EBD09FE-576F-4C0C-8A1C-11EA0868E5C8_zpsgcq0izkb.jpg~original (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/7EBD09FE-576F-4C0C-8A1C-11EA0868E5C8_zpsgcq0izkb.jpg.html)

Brown Bear
Jun 14, '17, 8:22 PM
Aww man. I would so love to see this in person. I forgot how cool that Nucular Man was.

Jun 14, '17, 8:37 PM
Arrived. Unloading.

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/CC754A0A-68A1-4132-B06B-AA8C89130381_zpseisk8wl7.jpg (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/CC754A0A-68A1-4132-B06B-AA8C89130381_zpseisk8wl7.jpg.html)

Starroid Raiders Dagon
Jun 14, '17, 10:00 PM
Whoa, that is an amazing amount of work. Would be amazing to see the collection in person. I just saw the Jet Jaguar suit on you Facebook page! That suit is incredible!!

Jun 14, '17, 10:54 PM
You, sir, are a force of nature... what an undertaking! I don't know how you find the energy for these projects, but thank goodness you do!

Jun 15, '17, 12:27 AM
well holy crap...that is going to be one heckuva undertaking...wow dude.
yeah, what he said

Jun 16, '17, 8:12 AM
And here we go!

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/0F61B77C-A392-4825-9B8A-55697EAD4308_zpse0a0hew8.jpg (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/0F61B77C-A392-4825-9B8A-55697EAD4308_zpse0a0hew8.jpg.html)

Jun 16, '17, 10:47 AM
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/3F8F44D6-7AC0-43F2-9D96-44D40CDD7388_zpsvggbysql.jpg (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/3F8F44D6-7AC0-43F2-9D96-44D40CDD7388_zpsvggbysql.jpg.html)

Jun 16, '17, 11:35 AM
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/Mobile%20Uploads/4C67C797-47B2-4DAF-82D6-EE03F21481D4_zps1gg0sero.jpg (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/Mobile%20Uploads/4C67C797-47B2-4DAF-82D6-EE03F21481D4_zps1gg0sero.jpg.html)

Jun 16, '17, 3:21 PM
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/Mobile%20Uploads/2017-06/63041A1C-958C-4FEF-BD86-A408BF063F45_zpsmnzmgi2j.jpg (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2017-06/63041A1C-958C-4FEF-BD86-A408BF063F45_zpsmnzmgi2j.jpg.html)

Jun 16, '17, 7:17 PM
Almost there.

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/2DC7B950-3469-4084-9D7C-D9FA4104CA87_zpscxwr9b4z.jpg (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/2DC7B950-3469-4084-9D7C-D9FA4104CA87_zpscxwr9b4z.jpg.html)

Jun 16, '17, 8:14 PM
You're certainly getting your exercise this weekend, Austin! Looking good!

Jun 16, '17, 8:33 PM

http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r91/anjhuf/Mobile%20Uploads/B7C9ACA4-B4CA-41EC-B629-15AEB079075E_zpsnhoyoaxb.jpg (http://s142.photobucket.com/user/anjhuf/media/Mobile%20Uploads/B7C9ACA4-B4CA-41EC-B629-15AEB079075E_zpsnhoyoaxb.jpg.html)

Legend of Link
Jun 16, '17, 11:03 PM
No pictures can do this collection justice. There are no words in the dictionary that properly describe the awe that this display puts one in. This ladies and gentlemen, is a pure display of love and dedication to the hobby, not to mention, to Mego itself. This is truly an inspiring and beautiful array. I applaud you and thank you for this amazing opportunity Austin.

Peace, Love, Mego my friend

Jun 17, '17, 12:39 AM
Wow, can we get some close ups please ;)

Jun 17, '17, 12:42 AM
Holy craap...your dedication and commitment was actually more impressive than your collection, ok...let's say a draw, wow...

EMCE Hammer
Jun 17, '17, 10:01 PM
Austin moved mountains to get his collection to the meet. It was amazing to see it all together.

Jun 17, '17, 10:06 PM
My mind is blown!

Jun 18, '17, 4:52 AM
Thank you Brother Huff for making sure we get to experience what you get to every day, even if it was just for a little while!!!

Jun 18, '17, 9:20 PM
Pictures really can't do it justice, it was pretty amazing. I and many other folks there spent quite a bit of time just marveling at all of it! Austin's a maniac for hauling all of that out there and the amount of time it took to get it all done, but I think we're all pretty happy that he did :)

Jun 18, '17, 10:15 PM
What a sight to behold! Looks like you all had a blast this year

Jun 18, '17, 11:03 PM
There were no words for this display.

Jun 18, '17, 11:13 PM
It was magnificent to behold!!!

Jun 19, '17, 7:42 PM
I'm still shocked you brought it all.
An amazing display.
I think more of us need to do that - get back to bringing our collections - bring the stuff so everyone can finally see it in person.

Jun 23, '17, 2:14 PM
Standing ovation dude. I know it was a huge undertaking, but well worth it from the response you got from everyone.

Huge testament that every time I walked into that room, there was someone staring bug-eyed at the shelves, picking up their jaws off the floor.

I was still spotting things I hadn't noticed prior, and this is after I think I spent at least an hour staring at it last year, and even more time going over my photos of the set-up.

Jun 25, '17, 12:03 PM
I didn't tell you at the meet but your collection is awesome :drool_y:

Jun 25, '17, 9:18 PM
It was awesome. Loved the display and the reason for bringing it. In agreement, we nee dmore of this type of thing.

Jun 26, '17, 6:16 PM
Some day, there will be epic poetry written about Austin and this collection. I can't stop looking at the pictures... it must have been glorious to see them all in person.

Jun 26, '17, 8:53 PM
Austin's display was certainly THE epic highlight of this year's MEGO MEET!! I'm sure glad I got the chance to experience it in person!! I actually feel privileged!!:grin:

Jun 27, '17, 6:45 AM
Thanks to Paitoy for making this amazing video. I think it captures the essence of the moment very well.