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Blue Meanie
Apr 20, '08, 12:34 PM
Went to the NYC Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center and had the pleasure of meeting our own gaga4toyz (Jason) from Castaway Toys. He had an incredible Diorama and prototypes of the new Captain Action figures that they are putting out. All I can say is I would buy them in a heartbeat. Great looking figures and the packaging looks great...right down to the newly designed artwork by another mego museum member Earth 2 Chris. The new bodies that they are making are really nice cross section of a Mego bodie with a little bit of Lion Rock arm sockets and swivel biceps from LJN. Very nice and they have weight to them. All in all a great addition to Megolike toys that are out there. The pics that I have will not do them justice so here are the pics of the Castaway Captain Action:







Some really great looking figures, and hopefully some more to come. Jason also showed the new parts that David Lee posted about in Replica chat before. The new gloves etc. Nice stuff. I have to say I was very impressed with what they are going to offer. I know I am going to buy the Captain Action figures when they come out. Classic figures with a new slant to them. Good Luck to the guys over at Castaway. Hope to see you down at Megomeet.

Apr 20, '08, 2:13 PM
That stuff looks fantastic! Cant wait to add it to my collection either.

Apr 20, '08, 2:14 PM
Wow! Wonderful. I love that Phantom figure!

Apr 20, '08, 2:31 PM
I think I peeded myself:silly: I can't wait. Kudos to Dave and Jason!

Apr 20, '08, 3:13 PM
WOW !!! Those look Wonderful !
I really love the Wolf & Captain Action looks Great in the Package. Kuddo's Guys. & Chris's art looks Fantastic.

The Toyroom
Apr 20, '08, 3:20 PM
Very cool! Any idea yet on how much the individual figures will be retailing for?

David Lee
Apr 20, '08, 3:32 PM
Very cool! Any idea yet on how much the individual figures will be retailing for?

We are looking at $20 give or take a buck:silly: ERB's are $25 with extras:costumed-smiley-063


The Toyroom
Apr 20, '08, 4:36 PM
Just picked up an Early-Bird Set!

Earth 2 Chris
Apr 20, '08, 4:47 PM
Wow thanks for the pics Berto! I talked to Jason last night and he told me you would probably be posting them.

I know I've had a small part in this, so I may be a bit biased, but even if I didn't, I gotta say that this is beautiful stuff here. This is the first I've seen of the finished Phantom, CA/Phantom and Redbeard/Dr. Eville. They look amazing. Jason's insane dioramas are just incredible. I know he lost lots of sleep making Dr. Eville's lab. The amount of detail is just mind-blowing. The Phantom's throne looks like it was made out of real stone. Whoa.

The figures themselves are just stunning. Mego-like, but with enough improvements to make them appeal to an outside audience as well. It's pretty obvious that big guns like Hasbro and Mattel couldn't and wouldn't do these as well as Cast-A-Way has.

Its an honor and a privlege to be associated with Jason and David. They are making some incredible toys, and they are a swell bunch of guys to boot!!! I have had a lot of fun working on the packaing for these. It's a dream come true to be a part of this and work with such great folks.


Apr 20, '08, 5:50 PM
Excellent work guys!! Do we have an official release date yet for Cap and the Doc?

Apr 20, '08, 6:03 PM

Apr 20, '08, 6:09 PM
really! when!! and how much??????

David Lee
Apr 20, '08, 6:14 PM
really! when!! and how much??????

June for the general public at around $20

Early bird Special until May 30th, shipping before they go on sale to the general public... plus extra heads, a trading card, paint variants etc... $25


The Bat
Apr 20, '08, 6:34 PM
Just BEAUTIFUL Dave!!! LOVE the Phantom...I want one!!:yes:

Apr 20, '08, 9:19 PM
Hi everyone,
I went to the Comic con in NY on Saturday and met up with gaga4toyz (Jason) nice chap. He showed me the new body that they were working on....let me say it's looking great. very versatile yet Mego like; (my dream come true) he showed me the trigger finger hands. Wow!!! Western showdowns here we come. Great job fellas. Incidentally, they also had on display a Western fella that looked very nice. David Lee wasn't whistlin Dixie when he stated that he was Working on better and more appropriate Cowboys.
Keep up the Great work fellas.

Apr 21, '08, 12:19 AM
Buy em!!!

JASON, THANK YOU. It was a pleasuer meeting Jason at Comic Con. Man I am glad I ordered already. I can't wait to see the Phantom go on sale.

Believe me guys these are awesome. The bodies are a combination of LJN, Mego, and lion rock in that the arms sort of " swing out". The'yre lighter than DM's heavier then the original and no way are the as awful as ctvt bodies. YOu won't be disapointed.

Also... Fedoras ! trench coats !!! oh my!!

Jason was kind enough to show me some of the stuff they're planning and it included fedoras and Trench coats....

I liked the CTVT Munsters but these are the best of the new mego style figures I have seen.

It's so freaky seeing the ole cap in this 8" form. The heads look great, costumes are awesome. love the vibrant colors they chose. It's really great stuff. I only hope they do well so we see more.

In the mean time I can't wait to get these.

Great job guys!!!

Apr 21, '08, 12:57 AM
I love The Phantom throne and Devil... are you going to produce those too? These look great. Well done guys! What exciting times.

David Lee
Apr 21, '08, 6:21 AM
I love The Phantom throne and Devil... are you going to produce those too? These look great. Well done guys! What exciting times.

King Features willing and the creek don't rise:silly:

Yes Cat he's next up... approval has seemed very slow:smiley11:


Brown Bear
Apr 21, '08, 6:33 AM
Holy cow...those look sweet.....keep them coming....:cool_y:

Apr 21, '08, 12:15 PM
I'm really impressed by The Phantom, actually. That'll make a lot of classic comic collectors happy! Cast-A-Way will have to make certain that they advertise in magazines and periodicals appealing to that group.

Action Martin
Apr 21, '08, 5:41 PM
I can't wait to see the King Features (non-CA) Phantom. The CA figures look great and I wish Castaway all the best with them.

David Lee
Apr 21, '08, 8:29 PM
I can't wait to see the King Features (non-CA) Phantom. The CA figures look great and I wish Castaway all the best with them.

Blue Meanie snapped this pic of the un-approved Proto. It shouldn't be that different...



Apr 21, '08, 9:11 PM
I was there to, the Figures are fantastic!

Brown Bear
Apr 22, '08, 6:12 AM
I wasn't sure if I was going to get these, but now that I see them....WOW

Apr 22, '08, 8:21 PM
Thanks for posting the pics and review Roberto. It was good talking mego with you at the show. What kind of camera do you have. Those pictures are super clear. Jason

Apr 24, '08, 10:59 AM
The pictures look great!!! It was a pleasure seeing them in person at the con!!!