View Full Version : Eagle Force Returns!

Aug 28, '16, 8:49 PM
The new Eagle Force Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/549582372/eagle-force-returns-action-figures) is live. Please help spread the word so this can get funded! :)


Aug 28, '16, 10:16 PM
The figures look incredible.

Aug 31, '16, 12:58 PM
yep ordered the first day I can't believe how mush they've made in just a couple days

Sep 29, '16, 7:55 AM
Just wanted to let everyone know that we've reached our funding goal and still have around 12 days left in the Kickstarter. Please help continue to spread the word as we're very close to hitting the first stretch goal. If you take a close look at the updates you'll see that we have some pretty cool plans for this property beyond the 4" action figure line, things like animation and video games. Needless to say an 8" line is being planned as well :)

Thanks to those of you who have already pledged, and for anyone that's still on the fence, if you just buy one figure that would be awesome. We're offering two of the original characters in their classic gold uniforms, just like the 3" versions from the vintage MEGO line.


Sep 29, '16, 9:31 AM
Congratulations on reaching your goal Craig, I hope you can meet your stretch goals too!

Remco Monster
Oct 8, '16, 3:24 AM
I just pledged for a gold Capt. Eagle!

Jan 12, '17, 8:09 PM
Damn thats 2 kickstarters i missed out on