View Full Version : Sir TriHorn, Dino Warrior!

Apr 15, '08, 8:55 AM
Great minds must truly think alike. I've had a half-completed Dino Warrior kitbash lying around the house for several months, and I kept putting off finishing him. I noticed Merlyn's recent Dino Warrior custom and decided to finish mine. I figured it was cheaper than fighting on eBay for one of the derned things ;) Here he is, Sir TriHorn, Dino Warrior!
You can see a bigger pic here:
Sir TriHorn is on a Mego CHiPS body. His head and sword came from a Remco Beast Warrior figure. His armor is from a Bandai Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog 8" figure. His bodsuit is a CTVT Knight suit, and his boots are from the EMCE Andorian figure. His purple cape is from a Wee Win Bible figure I believe.

Apr 15, '08, 9:33 AM
I like him, turned out nicely. What do they eat, and who are they fighting???

Apr 15, '08, 9:35 AM
Thats totally AWESOME, George! The whole set-up is really tough looking:yes:

Apr 15, '08, 9:58 AM
Great job George,he looks awesome! :grin:

Apr 15, '08, 10:08 AM
These Dino Warriors look fantastic!

Apr 15, '08, 4:25 PM
Fantastic, cool armor

Apr 15, '08, 5:35 PM
This Looks Great George.
I never woulda Thought Power Ranger Armor Would fit on a Mego figure. Good Mego Eyes ! :grin: Congrats.

Apr 17, '08, 8:23 AM

Very nice, George. Nice sharp, clean work you got there.

That's a really nice piece o' business you put together there.:wink_y: