View Full Version : Will they make the rest of the Marines in 7 inch scale?

blue devils
May 22, '16, 2:25 PM
Neca now has Frost and Vasquez up for PO and we already have Hudson, Hicks, Windrix, Ripley, and Bishop. Has anyone heard if they are making the rest of the crew?

Gorn Captain
May 23, '16, 11:23 AM
My local toy store had like a dozen Windrix figures on sale. Was tempted to get them and army build...

Dec 30, '16, 12:44 AM
It would be nice to have an entire set of the marines and I know Randy has said they will try to do as many of them as they can. He's commented on two factors, such as A) whether or not a character will translate well in figure form and B) whether or not likeness rights can be obtained. Union issues prevent some of the actors from authorizing use of their likenesses, so not every situation is the same.

Jul 27, '17, 7:05 AM
The recent announcement of the James Cameron as Colonial Marine figure was a nice surprise. Looking forward to having his figure for army building purposes.

Apr 26, '18, 1:57 AM
The upcoming Kenner tribute Apone figure will be an excellent addition to the space marines collection. Considering the current status of Toys R Us, I'm hoping that NECA will find a way to make these available at other retail stores such as Target and perhaps even Walmart. Back in 2015, I remember buying several of the NECA Robocop (with holster leg) figures from a few different Walmart stores. Although Walmart still stocks a number of lines from McFarlane, I haven't seen many other NECA figures aside from the Godzilla and Robocop and those were only sold for a short time.

Gorn Captain
Apr 26, '18, 2:48 PM
I don't understand what's keeping Drake...

At this point, this is the only line I'm interested in...

Apr 27, '18, 5:34 AM
Definitely. I seem to recall actor Mark Rolston had been publicly communicating with Randy on Twitter, with a positive post from Rolston in the later part of 2017. It took a while for the Vasquez figure to be released, so hopefully we will see a Drake figure by 2019.

Aug 15, '18, 6:21 PM
The Kenner tribute version of Drake displayed at SDCC 2018 looks great and will fill that void until a movie version can hopefully be negotiated with Rolston and released. Having the Kenner versions of Ripley, Apone and Drake is a great start and hopefully a Kenner version of Bishop is on the horizon as well.

Aug 16, '18, 8:25 AM
hopefully a Kenner version of Bishop is on the horizon as well. That would be great. I loved that figure.

Oct 6, '18, 7:26 AM
The Kenner version of Bishop was an interesting design, because the figure and realistic photo shown on the packaging slightly resembled Lance Henriksen, although it was a severely battle-damaged Bishop which had been repaired. The gun included with that Kenner Bishop figure was incredible as well!