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The Kryptonite Kid
Apr 7, '08, 4:58 PM
Does anyone know the release date of EMCE's Night Of The Living Dead figures? Also, does anyone have a pic of the backer card artwork for the upcoming figures? Thanks -Will

Count Creepyhead
May 15, '08, 3:33 AM
Yeah, I'd love an update on these guys.

I also have a suggestion.

if there is a wave 2, might I suggest Johnny and Creepy Karen?

Already have the chips hands and (glasses too if you wanted to put them in there) for Johnny.

I think Ben is the only living character this line needs.

Brown Bear
May 15, '08, 5:44 AM
Check out Joe's Mego Store for details....

May 15, '08, 8:46 AM
The NOTLD figures are being solicitated in this month's Diamond Previews - but this is
not a Diamond Select Toys product - this is EMCE Toys working with Fearwerx -
FEARWERX: Original & Licensed Horror Merchandise (http://www.fearwerx.com).

Our goal is to have them in stores by the end of the summer. Obviously, Star Trek
and POTA has to have higher priority at the factory, but Ben and the Graveyard
Zombie are pretty easy to slip into the schedule. When we get to Barbra and
Karen, they will require a little more attention.

May 15, '08, 9:33 PM
Are you going to sell them on your site too Paul?

May 20, '08, 6:26 AM
They are not available for sale yet but Fangoria has had a big spread in the latest issue for these.
In fact, I believe today marks the 40th Anv.

Fangoria Store (http://fangoria.com/oscommerce2/)

May 20, '08, 6:30 PM
Cant wait for these puppies

May 21, '08, 3:42 AM
Will the Zombie try to eat my other Mego figures?

May 21, '08, 3:47 AM
I finally saw the original NOTLD last year for the first time. I loved it. I can't wait for the figures. I know I have to, but I don't wanna!


May 21, '08, 3:21 PM
Doc - are the NOLTD & Apes going to go up to Starlog as well ?

May 21, '08, 7:42 PM
The Apes should be on Starlog now - along with all the Trek figures.

As for NOTLD - I know we are taking pre-orders at FEARWERX: Original & Licensed Horror Merchandise (http://www.fearwerx.com)
but I don't know if we are putting them on Starlog.

May 22, '08, 3:39 AM
Big Bad Toy Store has them for preorder, too.


Jun 29, '08, 2:36 PM
Hey Doc, Count me in Let me know the exact release date!

Jun 29, '08, 4:12 PM
I want the sitting down naked fat geezer with optional handful of slippery intestines....that'd be too cool

Count Creepyhead
Jul 30, '08, 1:16 AM
any word on these yet??

Jul 30, '08, 7:30 PM
We are pushing our guy in China - who is already busy with getting
Star Trek and Apes out the door - to get the Graveyard Zombie
and Ben on the water by the end of September so they can arrive
in time for Halloween.

We have had to delay this project in order to insure that Trek
and Apes take priority.

We got some feedback from Judy on the Barbra head sculpt
so that will require some tweaking.

Count Creepyhead
Jul 31, '08, 12:11 AM
Cool, a Halloween release sounds better anyways.

The movie is public domian, would be neat to somehow package them with a copy. I see them at the $ store all the time.

Aug 19, '08, 5:29 PM
Well, Doc, you pulled me back in with Trek. Now I'm definitely on board for Dead. :terror: Thanks for keepin it fun. Can't wait to see Barbra!

Aug 19, '08, 8:50 PM
I expect them to be available through Starlog.

Oct 11, '08, 10:57 AM
Didnt want to start another thread but does that mean with the release of Khan the night of living dead dolls will be ready soon or were they delayed?

The Kryptonite Kid
Oct 12, '08, 1:26 AM
I expect them to be available through Starlog.

Thanks Doc, any further updates on the NOTLD figures?

Oct 20, '08, 10:30 PM
Whats the story doc? are these guys going to be out this month?

Oct 22, '08, 7:15 PM
Night of the Living Dead has had to wait until Star Trek and Apes were mostly
done due to the lateness of production thanks to the Olympics.

Our factory will ship out the Graveyard Zombie and Ben by early December.
Barbra and Karen need more work and will be out around Spring.

Oct 22, '08, 10:43 PM
Thanks for the update I know I can't wait to get them the Zombie needs to walk with my mad monsters

Doc will these also be offered through EMCE DRMEGO.com page

The Kryptonite Kid
Oct 23, '08, 10:25 AM
Thanks for the update everyone :grin: Can't wait!