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Apr 7, '08, 4:11 PM
I like Hawaii Five O but not in the same way as say... Star Trek. But when I started to collect and enjoy 5-0 on DVD everytime McGarrett was in a blue suit, I thought "That reminds me of a Clark Kent Secret ID suit". Anytime he would pop up in that blue suit I would be reminded of the Clark Kent suit and it put the bug in my ear to do his custom. And why not? It's a great 1970's crime drama and a missed oportunity for Mego or LJN. So, it was time to get crackin on McGarrett.

Some time ago, I posted a work in progress for Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five O. It was built up on a resin Thor head. It looked good but wasn't where I wanted it to be. So, I started to take the head off to do some more work on it and...

The cured sculpy hair pulled off and fell apart.

Try as I might, I couldn't seem to recreate the hair in the same way I did that first time around and also the head just didn't have the features I wanted McGarrett to have.

When Jack Lord Started Hawaii Five O he was 48 years old although he played younger. I thought Thor looked too young at the outset but when I added stuff he ended up looking too old.

So I got a three other heads from DaveMC that I thought I could use as a good base head for McGarrett.

I ended up using his John Wayne head and gave him more brow, hair, chin and jawline. And while I am not totally satisfied (hey, someday I just might try to scrape up some talent and do a head from scratch) I think it looks good and Mego.

I gave him an AJ gun put him on a card (with the bubble taped only to one edge so I can remove him).

Hope some get a chuckle about having Mego reuse the VW van mold for a Hawaii Five O toy




Apr 7, '08, 4:31 PM
Da na na na naaaa Da na na na naaaa

That's very cool! I agree on the blue suit---great TV image.

The Kryptonite Kid
Apr 7, '08, 4:51 PM
Awesome! I always love it when a customizer bases a custom on a tv series, or movie, that isn't done to death. I can totally see Mego putting out a Hawaii Five O line, and this custom proves just how cool it would be if they did. Great job on the headsculpt, and the blue suit and great backer card really make him pop :juggleyes_y: And hey, I love the idea of the van and copter :wink: Would love to see you take on the remaining Five-O lineup. Great work! -Will

Apr 7, '08, 6:00 PM
That's awesome!

Are you going to do the other four you have on the card display?

It would be neat to see you make Wo Fat.

Brown Bear
Apr 7, '08, 6:55 PM
Really Cool.

Apr 7, '08, 8:42 PM
Awesome I love Hawaii 5-0!!!
I must have a Mc garrett are going to do more heads???

Apr 7, '08, 8:46 PM
Fabulous. That is great!

Apr 7, '08, 9:25 PM
You know, I have had back luck with the one piece molds I have done. I molded the master head with the RTV silicon using a plastic cup to hold the silicon (head set in the middle of the bottom). I cut the cup off and demolded the head and got one pretty good head. The next head I did showed that some of the brow in the mold broke off.

I might try to mold the head again and try to do a 2 piece mold to retain the undercutting details. But I haven't had this trouble in the past when I was molding my Koenig head and such. The molds I did then held out longer.

But long story short, I have to but more silicon and plastic to make new heads. So I might wait until I do another head unless a few want a McGarrett head.

About doing the other characters? I hadn't thought about it too much but I might try.

Apr 7, '08, 10:27 PM
Fantastic. Great paint job. Wonderful looking figure and card!

Man of Action
Apr 7, '08, 10:30 PM
Hey Mike..that turned out great..:yes:

Apr 8, '08, 3:20 AM
Never saw the show, but I like what I'm seeing here

Dave Mc
Apr 8, '08, 5:58 AM
Man, I don't even recognize that Wayne head under there. Nice work. Looks like him to me. Sure, it's not DEAD ON, but looks like him in a very Megoy way. Mego sculpts were never really dead on.

Apr 8, '08, 10:16 AM
super cool custom of a super cool character - he turned out great!

Apr 8, '08, 10:16 AM
There is a seller on ebay ( wantedyou ) that recently did a Jack Lord head in 12".
I'm not if she's listed it yet but it looked good from the pictures she sent me.

By the way, nice figure.

Apr 8, '08, 10:24 AM
Wow. I love it! You should do the rest of the characters.

Apr 8, '08, 10:32 AM
Wow. I love it! You should do the rest of the characters.

I agree.

I would love to see at least the four featured on the box. :spin:

Apr 8, '08, 12:40 PM
Super job Mike! I can't wait to see the rest of the series!

Apr 8, '08, 2:57 PM
He looks great bro,awesome job!! :grin:

Apr 8, '08, 9:54 PM
Ulp! I just figured out that I misspelled "copter" on the back.

Apr 9, '08, 5:05 AM
Yet another super cop fig that LJN should have done in the 70's! Excellent work!


Apr 9, '08, 8:55 AM
I love it!!! Great job on the whole package!!! With just a littlel work and a different AE suit -- I see Manix, a show I watched with my grandparents and still love to watch today when I can find it in re-runs.

Apr 9, '08, 5:40 PM
I like it a lot and I also like the bright, colorful card. It really evokes Hawaii!

Apr 16, '08, 8:20 AM
Congrats on the Custom Spotlight Mike, well deserved!

Apr 16, '08, 12:34 PM
Congrats on the Custom Spotlight Mike, well deserved!

Yes it is! You go Mike! :hokay:

Apr 16, '08, 2:01 PM
Yeah, thanks again people. I'd never thought I'd be able to say I got 2 in a row.

Apr 16, '08, 2:09 PM

Apr 16, '08, 7:15 PM
Congrats on the spotlight! :smiley5:

Apr 16, '08, 10:54 PM
Way to go, Mike!!

Congratulation on the spotlight for a very clean and beautifully executed custom!

It looks great!!! I can even hear the 5-0 theme song in my head!


Roberto DARKLORD Williams