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Aug 9, '15, 2:08 AM
What is the best way to tell the difference between an original Mark Strong figure and a Big Jim?
Or are both figures exactly the same, and the only difference was the original box that they came in?

I heard somewhere that the leg socket on an original Mark Strong figure was unique to this figure and it was only available for a short time.

Any info on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Big Tibo
Jan 12, '16, 3:24 PM
We long believed that the orientation of the ball joints for legs was telling whether you have a Jim or a Mark but we figured out this was not true. Information was taken from the oldest website (although still one of the best nowadays) bigjimnews.de
We happened to know that the figure included in the Sports Set is strickly the same as the one you would find in a MS box. Also, Jims from the whole first year can be the same as Mark Strongs.
So this is hard to say if you are holding one or another. But, Mark Strong is built on a single way : orange pelvis, white sphere leg joints, slightly tanned skin (not as much as Olympic or Pack are) and head can move all ways ( not only left-right). If you do not have these, you are holding Big Jim.

Jan 18, '16, 11:16 AM
Many thanks Big Tibo. Great answer. Much appreciated.