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Jun 11, '15, 6:30 PM
I had a great time in Chicago . I didn't spend anytime in the suite this year because of work and tired Saturday . It was nice seeing an expanded dealer rooms . I enjoyed chatting with mark huckabone and victor Phillips . Two people I have just met but both are cool guys . I enjoyed meeting cjeffreys . We took a trip to Quakers toy store on Friday was great . Rob t it was great hanging and chatting with you . Lee your heads are amazing . Ed Nagy your suits and heads are amazing . It was nice chatting with and seeing lots of old friends vintage mike , Scott a and his son , chad and Sean , David lee , Paul Clare and dr Mego , Austin , Anthony and his family ,Paul was don and his son . Paul brought these really cool glasses and Star Trek communicators this year , Corey who has an unbelievably cool knockoff and hulk table , Dave and bob from comicazi guys always a pleasure seeing and chatting with these guys . Ed the captain Canucks are cool . I went with a limited budget this year and didn't buy much but it was a great time anyways . Derek it's always nice seeing you . Art and rose two very nice people who it's an honor to call friends . Chris and Stacey two very nice people who are always nice to everybody and always great to chat with . Brian always a pleasure to chat with you . Bento and Tom always great chatting with you . The people are the reasons I go the megos are second . Charlie megogeek nice seeing you again . Missed chuck and my brother Ric and John michaels .

A couple special thanks
Steve , Brian , Art thank you for putting this together .

Tom and berth thanks for letting me use a bit of table space since I didn't get my own ( an oversight on my part ) . Thanks for hanging with me also .

In closing if you can attend megomeet do everything possible to attend it's worth it .

Jun 11, '15, 7:13 PM
Your key chain generosity helped put the show over the top Mike, thank you.

EMCE Hammer
Jun 11, '15, 7:16 PM
I got my first gold version of the keychain Mike - thanks again. Tell Jemboy he was missed.

Jun 11, '15, 7:33 PM
Always great to see you Mike. Key chains are great, I actually have them split between my regular and work keys so I always have one with me. Reminds me of the vent year round which is fantastic.

Jun 11, '15, 8:30 PM
Great meeting you too Mike, and thanks for driving us to the stores! And thanks for making the key chains, they're great, the new one went right on my keys!

Jun 11, '15, 9:15 PM
Great to See you again Mike as always your Keychain generosity is a blessing... We took a bunch back to our co workers... They love them :)

Jun 11, '15, 9:25 PM
Really glad that you could make it to Chicago this year Mike, as always, your keychains were a huge hit!

Jun 11, '15, 9:30 PM
Great seeing you as well Mike....I'm sorry I didn't have time to hang out with you

Jun 11, '15, 10:15 PM
I was able to get the gold keychain as well. Awesome and appreciated. We didn't get to chat much this year. Missed you in the MEGO suite.

Jun 11, '15, 10:19 PM
Every year I get a new keychain because every year I wear it out. What Chris said about the suite.

Jun 12, '15, 11:39 AM
I proudly wore my keychain as a pendant that I received at my first Meet years ago, very happy to get a nice shiny new one as well thanks again to you, Mike :yes: Glad to hear you had a good time, it was cool seeing you again.

Jun 12, '15, 6:49 PM
great seeing you bro!

Jun 14, '15, 1:35 AM
mike, being able to hangout and go to dinner to together, with you, me, Dan and Lee twice was amazing. you guy are alot of fun, we should make it a annual thing for sure, good times for sure!!