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Jun 10, '15, 1:42 PM
Where to start...

The Trip Going... I knew this Trip would be a rough one, an added extra 5 hours to the trip because of the move, and My Brother, My Side Kick, The reason I started coming to the Meet, who could have helped lighten the driving load had life get in the way yet again and the Mrs. only having a permit did not help matters much... But that would not Deter this trip... I knew no matter what we were going to make the trip, We planned for it We saved for it, We made it happen, That's how Important these 4 days are to the Bronx Contingent!
As it turned out the 12 hour drive was not bad at all... We were on the Highway at 6AM stopped 4 or 5 times briefly and were in Skokie by 7:30 eastern time so 6:30 Chicago time... I was clear sailing all the way until 17 miles out... Then I felt like I was back home on the Cross Bronx Expressway :)
We checked in, got our Hot Chewy complimentary cookie :) and headed up to the room and crashed for an hour... Dominique headed out to scope the pool area and Finds My Favorite Toy Man Chris Hummel, who Proceed to tell her Maybe it would be best if Mom and Dad didn't leave the room for a few days lol
2 HOURS LATER LOL We get up and head off to Portillos for Dinner... and thus Begins the Weekends festivities!!!

Portillos, Lou Malnatis Annies and Poochies were fantastic places to eat...
Aw Yeah Comics and Aw Yeah Games were cool places to see...
The Fire Hydrant "Art" was VERY COOL and a must see!!!

Highlights for the Girls
Dominique Getting Austin a Design to design the Harley Quinn outfit... Anyone who walked away with one can thank Dominique and Austin :)
Dominique Winning the Kids Custom Contest
Marlene Winning Vinny026 custom Spiderman 2 pack in the Auction
Highlight for me... THIS EVENT AND ALL OF YOU!!!

Why is it that 4 days never feels like 4 days when it comes to this event... I feel like its becoming Repetitive, Before I knew it it was 5:00 Saturday everyone was packing up and saying good Bye and I felt like I missed so much, Didn't get enough time to spend with anyone and everyone... I gotta start hitting the Mego sweet lol

As always there are so many to thank and be thankful for, Please do not be offended if I forgot you.

Our Moderators and Fearless leaders Steve (Who puts up with my count downs for next years event almost after the last event ends), Brian (who I constantly message every time I have a question and Immediately responds no matter where he is or what he's doing), Scott Adams (Founding Father, who should be the first head placed on Mout Mego), Scott P and everyone else who made the weekend a Success you do not get enough credit... I can imagine how hectic things must have been with the move to a new venue... There were bound to be bumps in the road but there is no way it was evident... and that is a true testament of what these guys put into this event.

Scott Pierce... An extended family member since Day 1 5 years ago
Austin Huff and Ed/Sam Noir... Ditto since the year After... you 3 especially, since her first meet made Dominique feel like she was Not a Child but a Grown Adult... and as a Parent That means so much!!!
If you looked up the word Brother in the Dictionary I'm pretty sure you would see the Face of these 3 fellows... Nothing but Love and the Utmost respect for you guys

Scott A... My AJ Mego Brother...
Chad and Sean Gordy... CRAFTSMEN SUPREME...
I wish I had more time to spend with THE 3 you this trip because the 5 mins that it seemed like we got to spend was definitely not nearly enough...
AND hopefully there will be a return to the ADULT customs contest Next year... which I think that was one of the events that got lost in this years shuffle... Sean Would have definitely been in Contention with his Nurse Joker had there been one.

Chris and Stacy Hummel... Talk about Fun People that you can have good fun with... Friendlier good natured salt of the earth People you will be hard pressed to find... It is just hard to find the words to describe them and what we feel for them... Newman!!! lol

Paul and Ben Wasson... add them to the list of Salt of the earth good people... A master with his creations that everyone runs to get to make their Figures so much cooler... and even if he didn't provide this service he is Aces in my and everyone's book. Paul please tell Ben no Joke Dominique was really pulling for him in the contest! oh and buy the way Paul is on my almost weekly messenger list lol I'm pretty sure he has me on block 6 of the 7 days a week lol

Paul Doc Mego Clarke... Talk about a guy that loves Mego and your talking about Doc... there would be countless incomplete Action figures if not for Doc... and just an all around nice Gentleman that will engage you for hours... and always willing to help out the Kids with what they need for the Customs contest. I can't believe I missed his hour!!! Someone is going to have to message me about what he spoke about, I'm sure I missed something Good!!!

The Legotti Brothers... My NY extended Family... as I have said before if Berto and Tom were different people they would leave the Meet with so much more of my and other peoples money it wouldn't be funny... I love the way he does my math... $5 $10 $15 $25 $50 ahhh gimme $80 lol... you all know its true... and if there ever was a more knowledgeable soul about Mego you would be hard pressed to find him... He will never steer you in the wrong direction or deceive you about what is there... When in doubt ask Berto! and somehow selling gets in their way over the weekend because I think they would just rather talk to everyone the whole time.

Lee... Awesome Custom Figures... Fantastic Flocked Heads... Sorry the Lee Hour got bumped, I was so looking forward to it... Hopefully next year.

Roberto Darknight... A new face to an old name... Mellow Spoken Gentile Giant...It was a pleasure, Glad you are back, I hope you are at many more of these and Finish that Batmobile!!! I know I will be one of the First online for that :)
Ariel Boywonder... Another New Face to an old name... When people Like Ariel take the time to come from where he came from to scope you out and want to make it a point to meet you it is a Humbling experience... The pleasure was all mine
C Jeffries... Stop Slacking on those Sofubies ;) and the more I look back at it Damn if you aren't the Doppelganger of George Lucas lol... It was a pleasure...

I know I am forgetting people and I am sorry... Please feel free to shout me out if I did

5PM Saturday came in like a RUNAWAY TRAIN and swiftly brought us kicking and screaming back to reality... Sunday morning Breakfast at IHOP and the Trek back to NYC... Rainy start that we quickly drove out of in Indiana, Good God I 80 through Pennsylvania at night is pure torture... talk about 300 miles of absolute nothingness, it creeped the crap out of me, thankfully once again No traffic till the GWB and the hard reality of City Life once again :( lol

Once again from the Bottom of our hearts
Thank you for making us feel like we are one of the Family, WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!

See you in 2016!!!

Random Axe
Jun 10, '15, 2:18 PM
It's great to have a family. I pretty much only have my mother who gives a crap about me. Now I have like 50 brothers and a couple of sisters. This means more to me than in previous years, so let's all make a point to stay in contact more than a PM here or a Facebook post. Let's actually TALK. I know we are all busy as hell sometimes but an encouraging voice is always welcomed if even for 2 minutes.

Jun 10, '15, 2:19 PM
The feeling is mutual brother :)

Jun 10, '15, 2:44 PM
Very nice to meet you and your family Kevin! I wish I had an opportunity to talk more, hopefully next time when I'm not so overwhelmed by meeting so many people at once. Don't worry, Megos come first, but I'll always have room for sofubi!
And yeah, I was getting the George Lucas thing all weekend! :smiley1: Let's just think of me as George's younger, handsomer and poorer brother. :wink:

Jun 10, '15, 3:10 PM
So incredibly happy the Fiore clan made it. You guys are THE BEST! The fact that you also came bearing the Banner, so cool of you guys. Loved seeing everyone's signature on it.


Jun 10, '15, 6:20 PM
You know we love the Kevin Clan

Jun 10, '15, 9:11 PM
So incredibly happy the Fiore clan made it. You guys are THE BEST! The fact that you also came bearing the Banner, so cool of you guys. Loved seeing everyone's signature on it.


Oh cool, I was wondering who brought that. I just signed it when I noticed it while walking by. :smiley1:

Jun 10, '15, 9:14 PM
What Toyman said.

Jun 10, '15, 9:52 PM
If anyone deserves to be yelled at it's me because you were one of many people people I somehow missed talking to over the weekend. As great as the event was it's didn't really dawn on me until after it was over. I'll have to work on that next year, for sure! Good to see you and the family there anyway and I take solace in the fact since as was said over the weekend many times "we're all friends here" and those I missed hopefully realize I was just a bit absent minded/distracted.

Jun 10, '15, 10:05 PM
those I missed hopefully realize I was just a bit absent minded/distracted.

Oh man, so true, that describes me all the way! I hope I can be less overwhelmed, more focused and engaged next year!

Jun 11, '15, 7:07 PM
Kevin it wS nice seeing you and your family

David Lee
Jun 14, '15, 7:24 PM
Thanks for all the biz Kev!


Jun 15, '15, 12:30 PM
Was awesome finally getting to talk to you face to face, it only took me two years LOL

Blue Meanie
Jun 15, '15, 6:18 PM
Kevin, as usual it was great seeing you and the entire family at the Meet and again at Eternal Con Saturday. Shame that your brother Scott couldn't make it. Also sorry I missed him on Saturday. It's definitely a family thing when the Fiore's are at the Meet. Maybe I'll see ya at NY Comic Con in October. There is one other show you may want to check out being that you are closer to it than I am...Connecticut Comic Con at Mohegan Sun. I'm trying like hell to get to it because there are some comic artists and writers than I haven't met before. It's in August. If I get the link I'll message it to ya.