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Jun 9, '15, 9:32 PM
Whoosh, I don't even know where to begin. After last minute cancellations the past two years when I was supposed to join the road trip down from Canada with Brian and Ed, I was starting to think that I'd never get to finally attend a Meet. Well, the stars aligned this time, and at last I was able to finally come. I just regret not being able to experience Wheeling at least once. But I thought that this Meet was fantastic! I had so much fun, saw so many great toys and was finally able to meet so many great folks. This forum seems so much "real" now, because you guys aren't just faceless usernames to me anymore!

I'll try to keep it relatively short and I really apologize if I missed someone, the whole thing was such a blur, I've never met so many people in three days, I was overwhelmed!

First, a big thanks to my travel companions, good friends and fellow Canadians, Brian and Ed: they graciously introduced me to many museum folks, showed me the ropes and kept me out of trouble and from getting lost. Brian-thanks for all your work, I wish I had thought to offer more help, hell I could barely remember to watch your table once in awhile! Next time I want to be more helpful! Ed-don't stop being you, brother!

Steve Moore -I sincerely wish I had a chance to talk with you more, you seem like truly a class act, sorry you weren't feeling well. And despite that, you did so much behind the scenes, it's incredible, I certainly couldn't have done that. I hope next time we can seriously talk Ledys, sir. Thank you!

Berto and Tom -you guys were a lot of fun to talk to! And as a vintage guy, I really appreciated all the stuff you brought to sell, I kept being drawn back to your table! Berto- sorry I didn't get a chance to talk Beatles with you, next time! Tom- it was great talking about all things Japan with you. It's really cool to meet someone in a similar situation. Ed and I are both hoping for another meeting soon in Japan, Toronto or NYC!

Dan - you were the first one I met when we first arrive, seemed like you were there before anyone! Great talking with you and touring Chicago with you. Hope you finally got to see that episode of Game of Thrones! :wink:

Scott (Random Axe) -great to meet you and thanks for your help showing us around too!

Austin -man, you are just a big ball of personality, it's awesome! And I guess I will always be "George Lucas" to you. :smiley1:

Rob T Mego -it was great going on the toy store excursion with you, as well as our conversations on Evil Dead and music. I'm still really impressed that the band you were in once opened for Ministry. Awesome!

Toyman Chris -what an awesome selection of vintage you brought! Wish I could have afforded to buy more from you, but I'm happy with what I got!

Charlie (Mego Geek) -great to finally meet you man! Thanks for bringing all your bronze age Marvel comics, I now wish I had bought some more!

Ed Nagy (sp?) -nice to meet you man, and I can't thank you enough for your big help in cleaning up the mess on our table, you rock! And Mr. Noir, no more mango sludge drinks for you!

Art -Aw yeah! Thanks for your help in putting this together! You are such a fun and positive guy, it was great talking to you!

Also wanted to thank Mark Huckabone for showing up, he had great stuff for sale, it was mouth watering. Wish I could have bought much more from him! It was fun to meet up with someone that I hadn't seen in over 23 years (not that he remembered me :smiley1: ). And I'm not sure if I should be honored or concerned that he had no problem letting me watch his table a couple times while he took off, even though he hardly knew me. :smiley1: But you know, that was one great thing about this show, there was was a lot of mutual trust here, it was like we were one big family looking out for each other. I liked that.

And a last minute arrival - rche! So happy you could make it sir! I had an absolute blast finally talking with you in person, gawking over your Ledy Star Wars, etc.

Also it was great meeting Paul, Vintage Mike, Chad and his son, David Lee, Flynne, Brue, Ariel, Megoknight, Dr. Mego, Mike (thanks for driving us to the toy store and for the key chain!) and crap, I'm sure I've forgotten some, I'm sorry...

I'm also sorry for those I didn't really get a chance to properly introduce myself too. I met a lot of people in three days, which is a lot for me to absorb. I'm not exactly an extrovert, and after awhile, seeing so many new faces starts to overwhelm and intimate me and bring out my shyness. I think I met Mego Scott :smiley1: and probably talked to a few other people who I should have known but didn't! And I know I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to a bunch of people! But hopefully that's what next time is for.

At any rate, I had a blast at my first Mego Meet, thank you all!

Jun 9, '15, 9:46 PM
Chris, I really enjoyed meeting you and wish we could have had more time to chat!!

Jun 9, '15, 9:50 PM
Great meeting you, glad everything lined up for you this year. Hopefully it will be the first of many!

Jun 9, '15, 11:30 PM
It was a pleasure To Finally meet you C... and stop Slacking on the Sofubi's ;) till 2016!

Jun 14, '15, 1:42 AM

You are a very cool guy and I had a wonderful time for what time we had to talk (there is never enough time at MM!!) but it was time well spent!! maybe next year we will break that time issue, until then. I am always here. PM me an come to Atlanta and hangout :)

Jun 14, '15, 4:14 PM

You're tops!


David Lee
Jun 14, '15, 7:22 PM
Good to finally meet ya in person... Sorry the Prequels sucked, but your alright in my book