View Full Version : Give some love to the folks behind Mego Meet

Jun 8, '15, 11:48 PM
While the rest of us are goofing off and having fun, the elves behind the scenes were working hard to make sure we are having fun.

Steve, Brian, Scott, Art, Kurt and the gang at Aw Yeah comics, deserve a great deal of praise heaped upon them right now. They are exhausted, but hopefully elated at having pulled off the most successful Mego Meet ever.

Steve in particular... we all saw how hard he was working the entire time, non stop. If anyone deserves to have gatorade dumped on them, be hoisted on our shoulders and carried around the stadium for a victory lap, I truly believe it's this man.


Random Axe
Jun 8, '15, 11:56 PM
I don't know how many people were in Steve's room this year, but I saw those pants hanging in his closet...

Jun 9, '15, 10:42 AM
Seconded... Big UP's from the Boogie Down Bronx clan to Steve, Brian, Scott, Art... etc

Ok I said I'd wait a week... I lied... 363 till MM 2016!!!

Jun 9, '15, 10:47 AM
All of you deserve high high praise....thank you all :grin:

Jun 9, '15, 7:22 PM
Phenomenal job! Thanks to each of you.

Jun 9, '15, 10:05 PM
I absolutely agree!!

Cornelius POTA
Jun 9, '15, 10:09 PM
All of you deserve high high praise....thank you all :grin:

Well said TREK !

David Lee
Jun 9, '15, 11:32 PM
Thanks to you all! But especially Steve...you all have my adoration...but Steve has my heart...