View Full Version : Had a blast-more to follow later

Jun 7, '15, 6:25 PM
Had a blast, so much to recap I'll do a longer form post when arrive home tomorrow. Posting this one from my phone. It's been a rough year and spending time with everyone was a much needed pick me up. Currently recharging overnight in Ohio after successfully leaving early enough to avoid traffic this morning!

Jun 7, '15, 6:46 PM
So great being able to hang out with you Mike. and I'm super happy that Mark Huckabone was able to show up, and that you were able to pick up some good stuff.

Jun 7, '15, 9:41 PM
It was very nice to meet you man. And I'm jealous for what you managed to pick up at the show!

Jun 8, '15, 7:22 AM
Good Scores Mike, safe rest of the trip home!!!