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Jun 7, '15, 4:19 PM
After just completing my freshman year as a Padawan customizer attending my first Mego Meet in Skokie was truly a bounty in Mego sensory overload and I want to sincerely thank the Mego Museum and Aw Yeah Comics team(s) for their efforts.

I got to meet the spectacular Austin Hough and pick up the immaculately printed costumes I pre-ordered from him, I will be sewing like a fiend in the coming months. Austin, it was a genuine pleasure to meet you and I look to forward to purchasing more suits from you in the future.

I got to chat with Random Axe briefly as I accomplished one of my goals by purchasing one of his Jack Burtons which was immediately hung on the wall next to my NECA Snake Plissken as soon as I got home.

I also got to chat with Ed Nagy, sorry I didn't make it back to your table - that's my bad, I totally spaced and forgot to circle back for that Ultraman.

I have to thank the ever-patient Mr. Paul Wasson for putting up with me while I flipped through his chest emblem binder for what seemed like 35 to 40 times. Seeing all the cool accessories (lightsabers, silver surf board, Reb Brown Captain America shield & helmet, etc.) on your table instantly compelled me to bring some of them home to either complete existing customs, WIPs or inspire my future custom creations.

And, I finally got to meet MegoKnight, who graciously reached out to me last summer and has encouraged an open line of communication to share his experience, advice and passion for this hobby of ours with me. I cannot thank you enough Lee.

If there is somebody that I missed I apologize, my mind is playing back all the joyous frenzy of yesterday and some bits may have gotten overlooked while I attempted to recollect all that I took in.

My only regret would be that my wife and I did not stay in Skokie as the friends that we were staying with were an hour north and since we often travel with Butters, our miniature poodle, we had a responsibility to get back to him for food, potty, etc. We would have liked to have attended the Friday and Saturday evening social events but we will be making it a point to reserve a room at a pet friendly hotel in or near Skokie (or other venue) for future Mego Meets so that we can attend and participate in those festivities.

Again, I extend my gratitude to the folks that made Mego Meet 2015 happen.

Make mine Mego! :wink_y:


Jun 7, '15, 6:16 PM
It was great to meet you. I really enjoyed talking with you and thanks for bringing the Red Skull custom over for me to droll over (that should come right out by the way). Hopefully this will just be the first of many Mego Meets for you.